After you read these, you’ll realize we’ve got a long way to go

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 19, 2015


I often peruse the comments over at the huffington post.  What I find there is mostly mindless drivel.



Ah!  The government is the answer man.


The free market skeptic man.


Another government is the answer man, but only if it’s his team.  The other team is bad, but my team is good.


The oblivious to fascism man.  He sees the results of fascism, but can’t make the connection that when an industry is privatized, but still paid for and controlled by the government, that is the actual problem.  By his comment, I assume he believes direct control by the government is preferable.  Communism in other words.


An oblivious to fascism woman.  She almost makes the right connection.  She obviously sees the connection between the privatization of the prison industry and the high incarceration rate, but because she thinks all profits are bad, she sees that as the problem and is completely blinded to the perverse profit incentive created by the government paying with near unlimited resources and the private industry maximizing efficiency.  In other words, It’s the relationship created that is the problem and not the profit motive.


The clueless about economics guy.  This statement is false.  I had to make a reply comment in this case.  Oregon has one of the highest minimum wages in the country (3rd last time I checked) and has the 2nd highest food stamp recipients in the country.


Another clueless economics guy.


This guy just knows what employers should pay people.  He’s got his statistics and his calculator out and he’s nailed the exact price for labor.  Sticks the landing!


This guy’s not quite sure what the minimum should be, but any increase the government forces on employers has got to be good.  He’s thinking;  Maybe just a little more tinkering by the government and boom, living wage, equality, and unicorns will all be achieved.


I’m not quite sure what to think about this guy.  Is he serious or is he joking?  To me this looks like sarcasm, but sometimes these people literally believe this shit.