An anarchist’s proposal for the 114th congress

article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 4, 2015 has their policy agenda for the 114th congress, so I thought I’d give it a go at a modest policy agenda from an anarchist.

An anarchists policy agenda for the 114th congress

1.  Fire every federal government employee

2.  Cancel every federal government contract with private contractors

3.  Then resign

4.  Apologize to all of humanity for being violent thieves, kidnappers and murderers.

5.  Give away all your money (it’s blood money and stolen loot)

6.  Shutter the doors and windows of the capitol building and wrap the whole thing in yellow caution tape.

Reader comment:  That doesn’t sound like a modest proposal, it sounds quite radical.

no, no, no,  a radical proposal would have been to ask the congress men and women to kill themselves.  We’re not proposing that, quitting and begging for forgiveness is sufficient.