Another Would-Be Critic of Libertarianism Takes on a Straw Man

Annotation by Colonle Nogov on Mar. 19, 2015


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A couple days ago I dissected and destroyed a statists argument against anarchism.  See here.  I didn’t set up a straw man.  I attacked the authors argument directly and exposed his straw man argument.  It would certainly be refreshing if would-be critics of anarchism/libertarianism could actually do the same thing.  They can’t, so they set up straw men.  But, what these would-be critics don’t realize is that they are in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation.  If they take it on directly, they lose.  This is why they don’t take it on directly.  If they set up straw men to beat up on, their readers will sooner or later discover their deceit.  When that happens, they will lose credibility and subsequently their readers.  Bring on your straw men arguments.  –  Colonel Nogov