Big Problem

Article by Bob Podolsky republished by permission on Oct. 14, 2015
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Years of research have led me to believe that humanity is facing a really BIG PROBLEM – one that will make us extinct in the near future…Unless they are corrected! The Big Problem is created by hierarchical organizations at the top of the pyramid,  consistently making unethical decisions.   These decisions are generally based on the Utilitarian ethics.  Utilitarian ethic decisions are deemed to be good, as long as as the effects of the decision supposedly helps more people than it harms.  The problem is that we are harming some people and helping some people.  This fallacy comes from the 4th comforting lie: Majority rule makes the best group decisions. (editor note: Bob’s comforting lies series to be published here in the weeks ahead)

What gives an organization the right to harm anyone?  When an individual harms someone else, that act is criminal in nature and is called theft, assault, extortion, fraud or murder.  However when a large organization harms someone those acts have new names known as: taxation, arrest, seizure,  monetary policy or war.  These acts though disliked, are considered in the society of the early twenty first century, to be generally acceptable and a necessary evil of society.

Titania exists to solve a problem that humanity currently faces. We call it “the Big Problem”. Some of its symptoms are:


Imagine a world without these challenges!  We have!  To see how to achieve this goal you may have to stretch your mind a bit. Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” For starters, you need to understand that there is only ONE BIG PROBLEM, not many.

To see that this is so, it helps to understand the cause of this ONE BIG PROBLEM.  We call the cause the “BORG”(editor note: Bob uses the acronym BORG to refer to Banks, Organized Religion, Government). Let’s examine this concept.