Body Billboards

June 18, 2015

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To the naked body billboards

If you are uncomfortable with nudity and sexuality turn back now.  And might I add, grow up.

Nudity is art.  Sexuality is an expression of love.  Messages of freedom are high virtues.


What kind of messages promote freedom?
End the Fed
Only a tax revolt will end government abuse
inflation is theft
fiat currency is fraud
taxation is theft
taxation is extortion
anarchy means freedom
abolish government
end taxation
cops are criminals
government is a gang of thieves
anarchy (symbol)
government schools suck
many more…


If you’ve got nude photos with messages of freedom you’d like to promote, send them to me or send me a link where I can download.  Use either of my contact pages “ask the anarchist” or “submit articles”.

Full nude or partial nude is okay.  No hardcore.  Age 18+ only.

To the naked body billboards