California becomes second state to make voter registration automatic

Article by Colonel Nogov on Oct. 13, 2015


I recently wrote how Oregon took the first step towards mandatory voting.  California is now the second state to take that step.  The governor of California signed the legislation over the weekend.

With 18% of the population of California not even registered to vote and only 42% of registered voters casting ballots in the last election, the situation is getting desperate for the politicians.  They’re losing control of people’s minds.  People are beginning to wake up to the fact that voting is bullshit.

What’s a politician to do?  If people stop voting, their system of oppression will be exposed for what it is.

The politicians want mandatory voting.  This way they can dupe the gullible into believing the lies that they are involved in the decision making and consenting to being governed.  (no need to point out that “consenting to being governed” is an oxymoron phrase)

In the U.S. you can’t jump from A to Z without going through some letters in between.  The first step towards mandatory voting is getting everyone registered.  If they aren’t registering willingly, they’ll be registered automatically.  There is, currently, a provision to opt out, but you have to go through the procedure to do so.

Am I crying foul here before there is cause?  Only time will tell.

If voting is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it willingly?

Dear voters:  Hint…Hint… (whisper) non-voters know something you don’t.