Concealed carry holder stops armed robbery, AP turns story into hit piece

Article by Colonel Nogov on Nov. 3, 2015


An armed robber walks into a store in Chicago and points a gun at the two employees there and begins making demands.  Another customer, who had a concealed carry permit, pulls a gun from concealment and shoots the armed robber dead.

This sounds like a positive story about armed citizens to me.  When a man points a gun at someone, this is a credible threat of murder.  All defensive actions against that person are now justified including killing him.

Here is how the AP reported the story.   The AP journalist didn’t even put his name on the piece.

After reporting the facts of the incident, the AP journalist writes, “It wasn’t immediately clear whether the customer, who has not been identified, will face charges”.  You see what he’s done there.  He’s implanted the idea in your mind that the man who stopped the robbery might have done something wrong and might face charges.  He’s not accusing the man of wrong doing just implying it, but that’s enough to plant that little seed into your head.

I’m going to engage in a little implying here.  It’s not known whether or not this AP journalist likes to molest prepubescent boys.  It wasn’t immediately clear if this AP journalist drugged and raped two high school girls.  I haven’t committed any libel here because I haven’t accused the AP journalist of anything.  I’ve only raised questions.  But that’s enough to begin to make you wonder if this AP journalist is a child molester.  Even if it’s only at a very deep subconscious level.

The next tactic is to associate this justified killing of an armed robber with a completely irresponsible woman who fired her gun at shoplifters.  He’s making this association because he wants to imply that people can’t be trusted to make good decisions.  He’s trying to get the point across that because sometimes people make bad decisions, no one should make those decisions, well except for, of course, law enforcement agents.

The next section takes quotes from a police officer.  This police officer confirms that it’s a “slippery slope” whether citizens should make these kinds self defense decisions.  And that sometimes it turns out okay, like in this incident, but sometimes it ends tragically.

To summarize the AP reporting:

-concealed carry holder stops armed robbery by killing robber
-Unclear if concealed carry holder will face charges
-A woman in Michigan shot at shoplifter and did 90 days in jail
-It’s a slippery slope whether or not non-law enforcement people should defend themselves and others
-Sometimes it turns out okay sometimes it doesn’t

So the AP has managed to turn a positive story about an armed citizen stopping a potentially disastrous crime into whether or not it’s a good idea for private citizens to intervene ever because if they do the situation may end in tragedy or they might end up in jail.