Euphemisms – A Rose By Any Other Name…

Article by Ben Doolin on Jan. 14, 2016


“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” ― Confucius

The State… is a criminal organization.  As such, they must disguise everything they do… in an attempt to make crime sound like charity.

To begin to see The State for what it really is… it’s important to learn to mentally translate ‘spin’.

Here are a few examples… to get your mind on the right track:

‘Collateral Damage’ = The Murder of Women and Children

‘Revenue’= Theft

‘Tough on Crime’ = Torture of Innocent Humans

‘Budget Cuts’ = Reductions In Planned Increases

‘Stimulus’ = Tax & Spend Without Logical Justification

‘Diversity’ = Using Violence To ‘Help’ One Class of Voter

‘Democracy’ = Mob Rule

‘Republic’ = Elite Rule

‘Social Justice’ = More Theft is Coming

‘Waiver’ = Loophole For Sale

‘Science’ = Political Policy

‘Fair Trade’ = Trade Regulations

‘Reform’ = We’re Going to Make The Previous Problem We Created… Even Worse

‘Environmental Regulation’ = Making Pollution Legal

‘Terrorist’ = Anyone That Doesn’t Agree With The State

‘Investment’ = Wasting Stolen Money

‘Enhanced Interrogation’ = Torture

‘Child Protective Services’ = Child Kidnap, Rape & Murder

‘Welfare’ = Lower Class Family Destruction

‘Bail Out’ = Criminal Subsidy

‘Campaign Promise’ = Lie



‘Cap And Trade’ = More Theft

‘Climate Change’ = More Theft

‘Common Good’ = Bad For Citizens

‘Crisis’ = Government Created Problem That Must Be Solved With Tax Payer Money

‘Fair Share’ = Equality of Theft

‘Change’ = No Change

‘Market Failure’ = Government Interference

‘Tough Choices’ = Combination of Less Service and Higher Taxation

‘Transparent’ = Completely Obfuscated

In addition to this partial list… you can be sure that the better the name of any legislation (i.e. The Patriot Act or The Affordable Care Act)… the worse it will actually be.