Ferguson one year later puts media spin into overdrive

Article by Ben Doolin on Aug. 13, 2015




Ferguson is back in the news… and more interesting than that fact… is ‘the news’ itself.

The total focus… is race.  The cops are all portrayed as racist white thugs… while the protesters are all ‘faking upset’ as an excuse to loot and vandalize.

A new twist ‘this year’ in Ferguson… is the focus on the presence of the ‘Oath Keepers’… which have also been presented as a bunch of racist, violent,
armed, white thugs:

“They just showed up, walking around carrying their assault rifles,” she told NBC News. “There really was no need.”

“Bynes said the Oath Keepers’ presence detracted from the real issues at heart: racial inequality.”

“If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?”

Responding to the criticisms that the Oath keepers are white violent thugs, one member said that their group is very racially diverse, does not allow racist individuals to join and they were there to protect every group or classification of people.

The obvious manipulation is that, whomever you are… you should ‘hate’ someone in this story.  You should hate white people for being racists and you should hate black people for being criminals.

If you are white or black… you have ‘the other group’ to hate… if you’re ‘neither’… you should hate BOTH groups.

– So Why Does The Main Stream Media Lie?

In his movie ‘Bowling For Columbine’, Michael Moore points out the discrepancy between the main stream media in the US and in other nations.  In the US, ‘scare stories’ rule.  By comparison, they almost don’t exist elsewhere.  It has been suggested that the ‘overly sensational’ news coverage (if it bleeds, it leads) is simply due to a desire for ratings… but it would be logical for the other nations on earth to follow suit if that were true… and they don’t.

So, the answer to the question of why they lie… is answered by looking at who benefits by the MSM lying?  The answer is… The State.

But Doesn’t The MSM Have The Ability To ‘Just Say No’?

No, they don’t.  Not only does The State have complete control over the airwaves which means that they could shut down any news outlet at will… but propaganda is so important to The State that I personally have no doubt that death threats have been made to keep the MSM ‘in line’.  Whistle blowers have come forward after having been fired for refusing to lie.  There are also stories of State Agents being stationed inside MSM companies… to ‘monitor’ content… and ‘make recommendations’… which I assume are the kind of ‘recommendations’ that can’t be refused.

So What Does The State Have To Gain?

Politicians have long known that fear alters the human brain… and that people will do things out of fear that they would never do otherwise.  People become manipulable… and will effectively beg politicians to ‘take more power’.


The result of decades of ‘fear spin’ is the largest prison population on earth… both in terms of per capita AND total count… exceeding both Russia and China… as politicians promise to ‘get tough on crime’… crime that was, for the most part, a media fiction… resulting in 86% of those in federal prison being there while having violated no person or property.

Politicians get votes to ‘get tough on crime’… they get kick backs from contractors that build prisons, they create union jobs to staff them which comes with ‘deduction at source’ kickbacks in the form of union dues that are a direct pipeline to the Democrat party.

So, Fear Mongering Is Used To Increase The Wealth And Power Of The Political Class… But How Does Race Fit In?

The first point… is that manipulated divisions are not just by race.  The State makes every effort to divide people by every category possible: race, religion, immigrants, wealth, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, etc.

Where successful, The State will have people hating a super majority of the people in the US… for belonging to groups that they’ve been instructed to hate.

What Is The Motivation For The Hate?

Fear works to promote the wealth and power of the political class… but politicians have one motivation that ranks higher than wealth or power… and that is self preservation.

Politicians are the worst criminals to have ever existed… responsible for more crime than all private sector crime… by a factor of ten.  They know what they’ve done… they know what they deserve in response.  So, they do everything they can to weaken their victims (us)… to make them less capable of defending themselves… and incapable of holding politicians to account for their crimes.

To that end, they are constantly trying to disarm the populace… taking advantage of (creating / staging?) every mass shooting to try to pass gun restrictions… AND doing everything possible to divide the people since The People… working in concert… would be unstoppable.

A short clip… putting the numbers into perspective: