Does it get any more predictable?

annotation by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 3, 2015




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Last month I wrote an article about how the mainstream media was reporting on police abuse almost daily now.  See here.  Is this my forecast coming true?  The MSM is putting forth solutions to all this police abuse. One of those solutions, the topic of the above article, is body cams for police officers.  As if that will solve anything.  (read the following as government):   As long as we have to placate the peasants, why not kill two birds with one stone?  We’ll dupe the people with our phony solution to their outrage over police abuse and enrich our cronies at the same time, with money stolen from the people through taxes of course.  Ingenious!


Not only will police body cams do nothing to stop police abuse, it will actually make things worse.  Somehow the police always manage to destroy, lose, cover-up or forget to record instances of their criminal behavior, with rare exception.  What it will do is put hundreds of thousands more video cameras watching you and me.  And, somehow that footage never gets lost.  The masses really are too stupid to realize they’re cheering on and paying for the government to increase surveillance on them!  –  Colonel Nogov