Government Schools Suck Reason #6

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 17, 2015


Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

If you know anyone who has school age kids and they are in the government schools, you’ve probably at least heard about how many kids are on psychostimulant prescription drugs.

The new boogeyman for destruction and profits:  ADHD.  Governments love money and power.  Friends of governments also love money and power.  The industries that control governments also love money and power.  The war on drugs equals destruction for profits.  Destroy lives and get cool toys for legislation enforcers such as speed boats, helicopters, armored vehicles.  Not to mention how much fun it is to kick in people’s doors and beat the crap out of them.  Hoo Rah!  Real wars.  Oh yeah, Baby!  Death and destruction and huge profits for arms manufacturers, dealers, and you name it, everybody gets in on this action.  Pretty much every government program benefits a small few, while looting and harming the general population.

This new profit venture is more subtle, but no less destructive.  There’s no dropping of bombs and kicking in doors, but it’s still highly profitable.  The psychiatric and drug manufacturing industries need more money.  I feel ya!  And kids are such easy targets.  They’re helpless.  But in this case, it’s even better because the scam is in the disguise of helping the children.  “won’t you please help the children”, “think about the children”, “what about the children?”  (I’m sure I could spend all day finding a thousand different variations of this sickening disingenuous cliche)

So this so called ADHD diagnosis has exploded in recent years.  Here’s a snippet from a CBS report.



Wow!  We’ve got ourselves an epidemic on our hands.  What’s funny (not funny) is this snippet from webmd.


Here, once again, from webmd are the apparent symptoms of ADHD.


Sounds like about every kid I know.  They couldn’t diagnose every kid with ADHD though, their scam would be up.  They don’t want to be too greedy now.  They just want to diagnose a certain percentage.  Just enough to make a healthy profit.  After all, there’s no definittive test for ADHD.  It’s a process of observation, evaluation, and ultimately some “professional” just decides whether or not they’ve got it.

What’s the treatment for ADHD?  Drugs of course.  Psychostimulants are what they’re called.  We used to want to keep kids off drugs.  Oh wait.  Not all drugs.  Just the drugs we don’t sell.  The ones we sell are okay.  These drugs, government approved of course, aren’t okay.  They’re deadly.  Often these drugs cause suicidal thoughts, actual suicide, and violent aggressive behavior in children.  A guess drug dealers are drug dealers, whether on the street corner or government approved.

The government approved drug dealers have a powerful distribution method.  The school system.  Billions are spent yearly on psychiatrists at government schools diagnosing this alleged illness ADHD.  Parents are scared and intimidated into having drugs prescribed to their children.  The teachers are complacent.  After all they don’t really give a shit about the kids, they’re just in it for the paycheck and the time off.  The drugs make the kids more docile.  It makes teaching a much easier job when the 30 kids in their class are lethargic.

This is straight out of every dystopian scifi movie.  Where drugs are prescribed for every little thing associated with simply being human.  These drugs are seriously damaging these kids minds.  These drugs have been shown to lead to further, future drug abuse.  These drugs have been shown to cause other medical problems including death.

The drugs don’t actually cure the problem they’re allegedly trying to cure.  The kids don’t improve in school.  They drop out at the same rate as non drugged kids.  It actually increases their percentages of committing felonies as adults.  Research all the mass school shootings.  You’ll find in nearly every case, the shooter(s) were, at one time or another, prescribed these psychostimulants.

Get your kids out of the government schools.  Sooner or later a government employed psychiatrist, teacher, principal, etc. is going to diagnose your kid(s) with ADHD and pressure you to drug them.  It’s a fake illness with a real and deadly treatment.  We don’t have an epidemic of kids with mental illnesses, we have an epidemic of criminal destruction for profits.

(A foot note.  This article may come off as though I’m against profit making.  That’s not true.  Profits are the most honorable of deeds when they are achieved through ethical, honest trade on free markets.  I am against profits when they are ill gotten through fascism, corporatism, coercion, taxes, etc.)


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