Government workers don’t pay taxes

Article by Colonel Nogov on Apr. 8, 2015

I know you think you do so don’t send me your fucking W-2’s.  You don’t.  You’re nothing more than recipients of stolen property.  Parasites on society.  Hopefully I’ve offended you bad enough that you’ll continue reading and take action to change your life for the better and the betterment of others.

Your paycheck looks identical to private sector paychecks.  It has money taken out for federal and state income tax.  It has money taken out for social security.  This is nothing more than accounting trickery to fool you and everyone else that you pay your taxes like everyone else.  There is a major difference between a private sector paycheck and a government paycheck.

Government worker’s paychecks are paid from the tax roll.  They’re not increasing the tax roll, they’re decreasing the tax roll.  Just because your paycheck says you’re paying into the tax roll, you’re really just receiving less from the tax roll.  Think of it like this.  If the government pays you $100 out of the tax roll and then takes back $20 from the money it just gave it, they didn’t give you $100.  They gave you $80.  Your contribution to the tax roll is NEGATIVE $80.  You didn’t increase the tax roll by $20.  You took from the tax roll, you didn’t pay into it.

Here is another analogy if it still doesn’t make sense.  Imagine a swimming pool and the water in the swimming pool is the tax roll.  The government fills up 5 buckets of water from the swimming pool.  It gives you those 5 buckets, but then takes one bucket back and pours it into the swimming pool.  You have not increased the amount of water in the swimming pool by one bucket of water, you’ve decreased it by 4 buckets of water.

This is different from the private sector.  The paycheck a private sector worker earns comes from revenues of the business and not the tax rolls.  When the private sector worker gets paid $100 and then has $20 removed from his paycheck.  That $20 actually increases the total amount of the tax roll by $20.  The private sector worker pays taxes.  The government worker does not.

So why do I claim government workers are the recipients of stolen property and parasites on society?  The private sector worker has no choice but to pay taxes.  His money is taken from him by force from the government.  It’s an extortion racket.  The money stolen from the private sector workers then goes to pay government workers.  Government workers are the direct recipients of the money stolen from the private sector workers.  Even if you want to try to justify it by saying the government job is necessary(it isn’t, but that’s another article), the fact still remains that the government workers paycheck is still coming from stolen money.  Justifying theft because the money used from that theft goes to help someone or do some other good doesn’t excuse the theft or magically make theft okay.

As for being a parasite, in this scenario, it takes 4 private sector workers to support one government worker.  $20 each to pay $80.  These workers may or may not even use or want the “government services” provided.  They’re still forced to pay for it.  The government worker is nothing but dead weight on the private sector workers.

If you are a government worker and this short article has opened your eyes to the immorality of working for the government and you would like to make amends, here’s what you can do.  Find a job in the private sector and then quit your government job.  Research anarchism and advocate for the end of the extortion racket known as taxes.