Hitler’s gift to humanity

Article by Cal Nogov on Jan. 2, 2016


This article is not in praise of Hitler or the Nazis.  Hitler and gang were despicable thieves and murderers just like every other government on the planet, they just did it to the extreme.

The gift he gave humanity that I speak of is the genocide.  What?  Okay, let me explain.  I don’t mean the genocide itself.  The genocide was a deplorable act of systematically killing millions of people.  That was horrible.  But, this genocide, specifically, showed the world that people will literally exterminate other people simply on the say so of a government.  People will stick innocent people in cattle cars, gas chambers, and ovens just because the people running their government told them to.  There have been other genocides in history.  I highlight this one because it is the most well known.

These genocides are indisputable evidence of what happens when people are blindly obedient to government.  It is precedence.  It is the nature of government.  When people say that can’t happen, we can say it has happened and can happen and will happen again.  It’s only a matter of time.  We, anarchists, are not crazy.  You, statists, are naive.

Hitler’s genocide opened a lot of eyes, but not nearly as many as it should have.  Governments of the world, wanting to remain in power, controlled the narrative,  never wanting the underlying question to be asked.  That question being; should government exist at all if things like this can happen?




So, the next generations were indoctrinated in the government schools to think that it wasn’t government that was the problem, but just bad people getting in charge.  Humanity, for the most part, remained oblivious to the dangers of government.  But government is the underlying problem and will always be the underlying problem until it is abolished.  All governments on the planet are oppressive.  Including yours.  All governments are one election/ruler change away from firing up the gas chambers.

Do you think you would resist extreme government oppression?  If the government passed a law tomorrow to begin rounding up muslims and systematically exterminating them, would you support it?   Would you do anything to stop it?  Would you be willing to kill the people carrying out the orders to stop it?  Would you hide some in your attic to protect them?  Or, would you say to yourself, well that’s the law?  I guess I have to obey the law.  Or, would you say that couldn’t happen?  (I only use muslims because it’s the political debate of today.  Any race or group of people could be substituted.)

Hitler’s gift to humanity was knowledge.  It was an expensive gift costing millions of lives.  Don’t throw it away.  Use that knowledge as a stepping stone to acquire more knowledge about government and anarchism.



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  1. January 2, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    The BIG PROBLEM isn’t just government. It includes the fact that our primary institutions, Banks, Organized Religions, and Governments (B.O.R.G.) make consistently unethical decisions – resulting in a broad range of manifest evils.

    For further insight into this issue, check out:
    https://www.titanians.org/ethics-law-government .

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