It’s None of Your Business!

Article by Ben Doolin on Dec. 28, 2015


There appears to be a nearly universal… and nearly uncontrollable urge that humans have to interfere in the affairs of others.

To this end, we have so many laws and regulations on the books in the US, that if you read 200 words per minute, 8 hours per day… it would take you thirty thousand years to read them all… and that assumes that the break neck rate of creation would come to a stop before you started reading them.

We also have what is called ‘The Criminal Justice System’ which has no logical justification to exist, does nothing to protect anyone and harms (or kills) a tens of millions of people at huge expense.  The reason it’s allowed to exist… is so people can ‘call the cops on you’.  That is, to meddle in the affairs of others… where there is no logical justification to do so… and no courage to deal with actual ‘issues’ on their own.

The foundation of Liberty… is that you are free do to as you please as long as you do not violate others or their property.  That’s it.  Nowhere in the philosophy of liberty… is there room for The State (an organization that exists to serve itself at everyone else’s expense… via unilaterally imposed, binding contract… aka slavery),  any of it’s ‘random rules’ they call legislation or the theft it calls taxation.

In reality, taxation is a direct assault on Liberty… a violation of property.  Legislation is logically false and a direct assault on Liberty… a violation of person.

The criminals that call themselves politicians can only get away with the crimes they commit… because ‘citizens’ so desperately want to interfere in the affairs of others.

So, to all of the busy bodies sticking their noses where they don’t belong… MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!

To advocate for The State… by voting… is an act of violence and justifies the use of force in defense of person and property.

It won’t be too much longer… before those that can’t mind their own business… are going to face the consequences of advocating violence against others.