Legislation does not prevent crime

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 3, 2015

Legislation, or what the government calls “laws”, does not prevent crime.  I no longer refer to what the government writes down as “law”, I call it legislation.  See explanation here.

Legislation does a lot of things, but preventing crime isn’t one of them.  When the government legislators get together and write their legislation, or put their seal of approval on legislation written by special interests, it’s a command.  It’s a command to do something or not do something.  It’s the ruling class telling the people over whom they rule what they can and cannot do.  According to the rulers of course.

With these commands come punishments.  Disobey the ruler’s commands and you will be punished.  At the low end is a simple fine and on the high end is life in prison.  The problem here is that the commands of the rulers most of the time aren’t actual crimes.  A crime being violence or theft against another person.  The legislation only created a non-crime and then established a punishment for violating that non-crime, it didn’t prevent any real crime.

Legislation gives power or protection to certain groups.  For instance, the legislation that allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve gave extreme power and protection to the banking cartel that controls it.  This obviously allows the cartel to get insanely rich, while impoverishing the general population.  That’s an extreme example.  A minor example would be licensing a seemingly benign profession such as hairdressing.  Why do hairdressers need to be licensed?  The market quickly and easily works out who’s a good and bad hairdresser.  It gives power to associations and other agencies.  It drives up the cost of schooling.  It forces people to pay for the license.  It allows for denial of licensing by a governmental or private agency.  If you are forced to have a license to practice your profession and I have the power to grant or deny that license……………. (I’m thinking blowjob, baby, yeah!)  Still no crime prevention yet.

It empowers the enforcers.  Legislation enforcers, you might call them police, judges, etc., get to exercise power over the general population.  There’s been a lot of reporting on police abuse lately by the mainstream media.  See my take here.  When you give people power, they use it.  Cops sexually assault and rape women all the time.  Are you shocked, outraged?  The agents of government, cops, judges, legislators, bureaucrats have power over people.  When people have power they abuse it.  Government is where men get their power.  Government needs to be abolished.

Legislation legalizes theft.  Every piece of legislation includes some sort of punishment.  Disobey a traffic signal: pay!  Forget to renew your license:  Pay!  These aren’t crimes in any real sense.  Jail time usually includes a hefty fine along with the theft of your personal property; your body.  The jails are filled with persons committing non-crimes.  This is the government literally robbing the people in the name of enforcing their legislation.  If I were to tell you I’ve decided on some new legislation, that whenever you walk, you must walk at a certain speed.  If I catch you walking in variation of the speed I’ve commanded you to walk, you must pay me $100.  If you resist paying the $100, I will take it by force.  I might throw you in jail until you pay.  I might take your home or car.  I might order your bank to pay me.  I might order your employer to pay me.  That is what legislation is.  It’s a command and punishment enforced by violence.  No crime prevention here.

Legislation is censorship.  See my article on how licensing is censorship here.  

Legislation does not establish right and wrong.  Real crimes are wrong;  Assault, murder, rape, or threats thereof, etc., theft, extortion, fraud, vandalism, etc.  All humans know this.  We don’t need the legislators to write it down for us to know.  Even though legislators write down actual crimes along with their non-crimes, it doesn’t prevent those crimes from happening, it only establishes a punishment for committing one of these crimes and an enforcement mechanism.  That enforcement mechanism is actually quite incompetent to boot.  Property crimes are only solved around 10 percent of the time.  That’s right 10 percent.  It’s not a typo.  Murder has a better solve rate at roughly 60 percent.  Most of those are confessions and simple murders to solve.  See my article here on government solving crime.

When people tell me we need government, it’s generally for preventing crimes.  A free society can establish punishments and enforcement mechanisms for Real crime.  We don’t need a government to do that.  Private crime solving can do a better job than government.  It certainly couldn’t do worse.  There would still be punishments for people committing real crimes and the deterrent effect that has on people.  Abolishing government would only eliminate all the additional repercussions described in this article, which are entirely worse than what government was allegedly needed for in the first place.

Government legislation ITSELF is a crime.  It violates the rights of every person when it issues a command.  It gives power to certain groups and individuals who use that power to violate the rights of others.  It legalizes theft.  It doesn’t prevent crime.  It does just the opposite.  It allows crime.  It encourages crime.  It legalizes crime.