Love It or Leave It – The False Dichotomy

Article by Ben Doolin on Feb. 2, 2016


It’s almost a guarantee… that if you’ve pointed out that politics enslaves us all… you’ve been told by a ‘logically challenged’ individual that you should ‘love it or leave it’.  It is ‘catchy’… and leaves the speaker with a feeling of superiority for having ‘the obvious solution’.

The problem is, it exposes a complete lack of consideration of reality… or even the proposed ‘solution’.

The reality is that sometimes people can move… but that’s not a reasonable solution for most.  More importantly… there is no where ‘free’ to go.  Changing masters… does not make you a free person.

Now consider the ‘proposed solution’.  First, the problem is crime.  The State is a criminal organization that exists to violate person and property.  ‘Leave it’ (if you don’t love being a victim of crime)… is on it’s face… blaming the victim.  If your daughter was being repeatedly raped by your neighbor… would you accept ‘love it’… or ‘leave’ as the only possible options?

Would you accept being insulted by a intellectually challenged individual for proposing that criminal behavior should be dealt with?

One of the more ironic aspects of ‘this conversation’ is the ‘move to Somalia’ taunt.  No doubt the intellectually challenged have heard that before and thought it sounded good as a closing argument. However… I’m sure they have no idea why Somalia.  I figure they assume that having gone through a Statist collapse… that they are suggesting that you should try chaos… to see how you like it.

That exposes deep ignorance of the subject (one for which they consider themselves to be such experts that they feel qualified to dictate the only acceptable solutions).  First, few  that oppose The State… promote chaos.  The Voluntary Society implies systems of social order (dispute resolution and protection).  More significantly… Somalia has a very long history of Stateless Social Order called Xeer.



An honest evaluation of Somalia would compare how Somalia was under Xeer vs. under a military dictatorship.  It would also include Somalia’s ‘limited statehood’ today compared it’s neighbors with far greater degrees of Statist intervention in daily life.

By all measures (except for those individuals that are the direct beneficiaries of State criminality)… life with ‘less State’ is better… all the way down to no State at all.


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