Modern Medicine – Exposed

Article by Ben Doolin on Apr. 19, 2016


I grew up thinking that the practice of medicine was a gift of modern technology, existing to keep us all healthy.

I now know… that it is one of the greatest evils in all of human history.

While this evil could not exist in the absence of The State, I’m not sure that the harm to person and property directly inflicted by The State… exceeds the harm done by ‘modern medicine’.

It is done intentionally, for profit… and not just with a disregard for the human suffering they cause… but going out of their way to cause the suffering for which they claim to be the cure.  It’s exactly how The State uses ‘false flag attacks’ to ‘come to the rescue’ to save ‘The People’ from a foreign invader,  The same way they use welfare to create a permanent, violent underclass that must be ‘controlled’ by The Criminal Justice System.  The same way that Religion makes a sin out of natural human behavior and claims all are inflicted with ‘original sin’ for which ‘holy men’ must be paid for ‘salvation’.
The Rockefeller Foundation [1]

Medicine in the US was heavily influenced by the Rockefeller Foundation which was supposed to be a charitable foundation but was a front for the brand new industry ‘pharmaceutical investment’.  One of the first recognition’s of this venture was that ‘natural’ was VERY healthy… but nature could not be patented.  So, the elimination of this ‘unwanted competition’ was paramount (keep in mind that Rockefeller had already had his company ‘Standard Oil’ broken up for being an illegal monopoly).  He understood the value in holding a monopoly… and that would come from patenting synthetic drugs… and demonizing nature.

By ‘donating’ from his foundation to hospitals and medical schools… from 1918 to 1933… the foundation was able to completely control policy and education in the entire medical system… pushing his monopoly on synthetic drugs… and removing ‘nature’.

Starting in 1963, the United Nations pushed by the Rockefeller Foundation started a four decade long mission to ban all competition to synthetic drugs.  Any treatment that was natural or otherwise unpatentable was to be made illegal.

Additionally, the goal of the foundation was money… ‘cures’ were the opposite of their motivation.  So, the goal was to create drugs that masked symptoms without preventing, curing or eradicate disease… in fact many were toxic and caused death and disease.

“This epidemic of unnecessary disability and death by the pharmaceutical business with disease is unparalleled in history.”

Empiricist vs. ‘Cut and Poison’ [2]

In the 1900s, there were two distinct and competing fields of thought on medicine.  There were the Empiricists and the Rationalists.  The Empiricists were patient centered (each person is different and will be treated different) and focused on what would be called natural or homeopathic medicine today.  The Rationalists put patients into ‘groups’ based on the disease they had… and treated them they way they treat everyone with that disease.  They would also be the group that is consistent with modern medicine focusing on drugs and surgery.

At the time, each had distaste for the other.

Unfortunately, neither was very good.  A newspaper op-ed at the time… suggested that as a consumer looking to choose, you’ve got to pick between death from the disease if choosing the Empiricists or death by the cure if choosing the Rationalists.

I’m sure the best approach (viewed from the perspective of providing the greatest benefit to the most people) would have been to pick the best of both… in an environment of transparency where the most effective solutions could be proven safe and effective (no… the FDA does not actually do that as it too, is controlled by Pharma).

What finally changed… happened because of patented, synthetic medicine.  That resulted in massive profits which allowed the patent holders to manipulate schools & hospitals… and destroy their far less profitable competitors.

Psychiatry [3]

“For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis”

That sentence alone… should be enough… but it gets worse.

There is no basis in science to support the entire industry.  There are no tests of any kind to determine which disease a patient has or what chemical might help.

The ‘bible’ for the industry is the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  While there are about 300 ‘officially certified’ mental disorders, there is no test for any of them.

What’s even more shocking, is that mental disorders are simply ‘voted on’.  Literally, a group of doctors just vote to decide what they want to be in the book.

The end result is that incredibly powerful and dangerous drugs are prescribed at great physical and financial cost to individuals… where each patient is a test case.  Guesses are made on dose and combinations often resulting in permanent brain damage or death.

It’s all a lie… for profit.  A fraud.

Vaccinations [4]

This is an area that is rapidly unfolding.  The fraud, suffering and death… is epic.

As I write this, the CDC has been exposed as fraudulently manipulating the evidence for the link between vaccines and autism.  It will probably be some time before we are really able to know the truth.

What is not ‘hotly debated’ is the following:

Almost no one dies in the US from Measles. (numbers range from 0 to single digits in the last ten years)
The MMR Vaccine has killed hundreds.

The preservatives used are neurotoxins
There doesn’t appear to be a single double-blind, placebo-controlled study that shows the safety or efficacy of any vaccine.

You can’t sue vaccine makers (because they own the government).

When you tie problems like these… with the fact that Pharma lies and kills for profit… it’s highly unlikely that there is no fire under the giant cloud of smoke.

You Are a Customer Not a Patient

We’ve always been told that the doctor / patient relationship is sacred… that the doctor swore an oath to ‘first do no harm’… that your life is in his hands… and he is worthy of that responsibility.

Now consider for a moment… that you’re a good person and want to dedicate your life to helping others.  You work hard in grade school and take college prep classes in high school.  Your grades are good enough to get you into a good university with a pre-med program.  You work your ass off in a cut-throat environment and manage to graduate with grades good enough to get into medical school.  The cut-throat competition continues, you push through and manage to land an internship.

At this point you’re a quarter million dollars in debt and have ‘no voice’ in ‘The System’ you’ve dedicated your life and fortune to entering… but already… things start to stink.  You become aware of the fact that patients are lied to about the safety and efficacy of ‘free treatments’.  You feel the pressure to sling drugs, recommend expensive surgery… and you see the abuse of the sacred relationship.

Your are helpless to change the system… and speaking out means you’ll lose your only chance of ever getting out of debt… so… you hang your head in shame… and if you have any self respect… you try to convince yourself… that you don’t know… what you already know.


Through ‘licensing’, legislation & regulation… almost every aspect of medicine operates in a monopoly environment, which is why the cost of health care went from almost nothing a hundred years ago… to a staggering 18% of GDP today.

The count of doctors is limited by licensing.  The demand for doctors is increased by forcing many medical procedures that could be done by nurses to be done by doctors and of course… they’re the only ones that can ‘sling all that pharma’.

Another system wide practice is the near impossibility of comparing price or quality.  It is illegal to post reviews of individual doctor’s skill and nearly impossible to even figure out what your cost of a procedure will be prior to receiving the services.

Add to that they way we actually pay for services… ‘medical insurance’.  During WWII the government fixed the price of wages… it became illegal to give workers raises.  One compensation used by business to attract and keep good workers… was medical insurance.  At the time it was not widely used (most medicine hadn’t become unaffordable yet) so was, like auto insurance, protection against a more expensive procedure.  Today, it pays for almost everything.  Much like your auto insurance paying for your gas… the price of gas would be free to rise… and would be in much greater demand for ‘price’ being removed from the equation… like an ‘all you can eat buffet’ more will be consumed.

From the perspective of the insurance companies… this was excellent.  When medicine was cheap… there was no need for insurance.  As long as all insurers are ‘playing by the same rules’… then their premiums represent ‘cost’ plus a small profit percentage.  Needless to say a 5% profit on four trillion dollars is a lot better than 5% profit on nothing.

As mentioned at the top of this article, drug patents are incredibly destructive.  The profits they generated, funded our own ‘medical torture’.  The patent profits allowed Pharma to control the whole system, top to bottom: government, politicians, hospitals, doctors, medical schools and the media. The spin is that pharma is good and necessary… while demonizing (and murdering?) those that promote anything other than synthetic, patented drugs.

I don’t have evidence collected to support my thoughts on this point… but I firmly believe more people would be alive today… if medicine could never have been patented.


Actual cures… the elephant in the room.  You can’t discuss the elephant with your doctor.  Your doctor can’t discuss it with you.  You both know that chemo and radiation cause cancer.  You both know that the success rate is 3%.  You both know that there are safe, natural cures… with thousands of documented cases where people sent home to die, were saved by natural treatments.

He has to play dumb, because otherwise would be to admit to participating in murder for profit.  He’s also limited by law in some locations… to ONLY discuss chemo & radiation… being the only ‘legal’ forms of treatment for cancer.

There are dozens of safe and effective treatments for cancer (anecdotally… because it’s usually illegal to even try… more or less get an alternative through the FDA… although it was done by Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D., to date the only individual to ever get a ‘non-traditional’ cancer treatment approved by The FDA).

Of the ones that I’ve personally researched, cannabis is the hands down winner.  It has no consumable lethal dose.  It doesn’t impact the brain stem so, does not impact respiration or circulation.  Clinical tests have explained why it works.  First is apoptosis, natural cell death that is turned off in cancer cells.  Cannabis, turns it back on.  Second is angio-genesis… the creation of new blood vessels necessary for tumor growth.  Cannabis turns that off… blocking tumor growth and metastases.  Third, is that the body has it’s own cannabinoids (cannabis molecules).  They are a very important part of our immune system (responsible for regulating very many body functions).  The problem is that they quickly degrade.  Consumption of cannabis consumes some of these degrading compounds… leaving more of your body’s own immune system intact to fight cancer cells.  So, cannabis not only doesn’t destroy the immune system… it enhances it… killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Anyone can (legally or not) grow their own cure… and many of those that promote cannabis as a cancer cure… give it away.  Rick Simpson… ‘cancer champion’ claims to have personally cured over 5000 people with his oil, which he grows, processes and gives away (for which he was arrested and jailed).

Murder? [5]

Posing it as a question is a little bit silly.  Systematic, torture and murder for profit is the business model.  However, this point is specific to a recent ‘trend’ that is consistent with the business model of discrediting natural medicine.

In the middle of last year, a series of holistic doctors went missing or were killed.  The one thing they all shared… GcMAF.

“GcMAF is a protein made naturally by the body that helps the immune system ward off cancer and other disease on a day-to-day basis.”

“Nagalase is an enzyme produced by cancer cells and viruses.”

“It is known that most, if not all, of the doctors who recently died or disappeared were somehow connected to treatment practices involving GcMAF to prevent the negative effects of nagalase.”

“missing holistic doctors may have begun to suspect was that nagalase has been intentionally added to vaccines.”

“Less disease leads to a lowered need for pharmaceuticals and a negative impact on big pharma profits.”

So, when the cancer business model… is $170,000,000,000 annual revenue stream for murder… what difference is it if a few of the dead are doctors?

When it comes to your own health… you’re on your own.  Listen to your doctor at your own peril.  They kill hundreds of thousands per year through mistakes… and another hundred thousand via prescription.  They are often not allowed to tell you the truth… and they know that their advice might kill you.

1) Credit to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation: