The MSM reporting police abuse?

Article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 13, 2015

Have you noticed lately, ever since the Ferguson incident and Eric Garner incident, the main stream media has been reporting on police abuse more.  Nearly everyday now, I see a MSM article about police brutality or some other police misconduct.

I expect this kind of reporting from  I don’t expect it from the MSM, whose main job is pro government propaganda.  Has the MSM finally come around and are going to start showing cops for what they really are?  Not Likely.

My guess is that it’s a setup.  It’s a setup for the coming appeasement.  It’s standard procedure.  I’m putting the warning out now in hopes of exposing the tactic and using their own tactic against them.

Here’s what I forecast:

The peasants are angry with law enforcement.  They’re speaking out, rioting, even taking retaliatory action.  We (the government) have to do something to get this under control.  We can’t lose our power.  We need our enforcers.  Let’s go to playbook #27[?].  First we state the problem using our propaganda wing to report it.  Restating the problem, in our terms, to be just a few bad apples, etc., etc.  We feign sympathy.  We make grand gestures of understanding.  We’re going to do something about this.  There’s going to be reforms.  We write legislation.  We tell the peasants the problem has been solved.  Our propagandist media then stops reporting police abuse.  Peasants appeased.  Law enforcement continues business as usual.

Does that sound about right?

Christopher Cantwell’s article the other day about a bill making its way through the New Hampshire legislature that will allegedly limit their legislature* enforcement agencies(aka police) leads me to believe the government’s empty gestures are already being made.

These types of bills are nothing more than peasant appeasement, but I still support them.  Not because I believe the government will actually obey its own legislation, but precisely because I know it won’t.  When they do break their own legislation, we as anarchists, can point it out loudly, relentlessly.

Without such legislation on the books, we can only point out the build up and militarization of the police.  This is tuned out by the peasants as paranoia.  With the legislation on the books, we can point out the hypocrisy, corruption, and disregard of the government as well as the militarization.  They can’t white wash it as a few bad apples because it will be the agencies as a whole disregarding the legislation.  This is what begins to open the eyes of the mindless masses.


*I no longer refer to what the government writes down as “laws”.  I refer to it only as legislation.  see explanation here.