Music review: Sex Pistols

Music review by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 11, 2015


This is a music review for the album Sex Pistols:  Never mind the bollocks.  Since the album came out in 1977 this review is a little late, but the album’s message was incredibly early.

This album was a wealth of freedom, individualism, free thought, Anarchy, morality.  An album way before its time.  This coming from seemingly mindless punk rockers.  They were far from mindless as you’ll see when I get into the songs.  Nearly every song is a topic of anarchist thought today.

Holiday in the sun – This song is talking about the hell that was east Berlin at the time.  The communism.  The paranoid, spying government.

Liar – It’s hard to determine if this was leveled at politicians, but I believe it was.

No feelings – This song is describing narcissistic personalities and their utter disregard for other people.

God save the queen – an obvious parody ridiculing queen worshipers.

problems – This song is talking about individuality and non-conformity.

Seventeen – A song directly attacking the hippies of the day.  It talks about them being lazy, uneducated and not wanting to grow up and not being able to take care of themselves.  A direct comparison today would be the leftists.

Anarchy in the U.K. – This one speaks for itself.  What’s interesting is they talk about groups that were considered freedom fighters like the U.D.A. and the I.R.A. as just being different governments  “Another council tenancy”.

Bodies – This is an anti-abortion song.  Punk Rockers saying stop aborting babies.

Pretty Vacant – This is leveled at people who refuse to face reality of what’s going on around them.  The head in the sanders.  The sheeple.

New York – This isn’t directly philosophical.  It’s an attack on the New York Dolls.  It’s likely that the sex pistols thought the New York Dolls had sold out and started towing the mainstream line.

EMI – This is just a song about a dispute with their record company.

Submission – This song’s about eating pussy.  They were men after all.  You can’t live on philosophy alone.

They were of course attacked in their day.  One of the milder quotes, “They are the antithesis of humankind.”  When you listen to their songs, that’s obviously not true.  Kind of sounds familiar the way anarchists are attacked today.

I love this album.  It’s hard rock.  Every song has a great message.