No Sale! What’s next snake oil media?

Article by Colonel Nogov on May 28, 2015


Several months ago I wrote an article about how the main stream media was reporting on police abuse.  I forecast then that the media/government would try to “sell” a solution to the peasants.  And that the increase in reporting police abuse was just part of making the sale.  The lead up, if you will.  The stating of the “problem” that needs to be solved.  That’s how you sell things after all.  “got dirty dishes?” (problem), “Buy new advanced formula brand XXX dishwasher detergent” (Solution).

Shortly thereafter, lo and behold, police abuse reporting dropped off to almost nothing and police body cams were in the news every day.  The first attempt at a solution to appease the peasants.  Here’s what I said about police body cams on more than one occasion:

Not only will police body cams do nothing to stop police abuse, it will actually make things worse.  Somehow the police always manage to destroy, lose, cover-up or forget to record instances of their criminal behavior, with rare exception.  What it will do is put hundreds of thousands more video cameras watching you and me.  And, somehow that footage never gets lost.  The masses really are too stupid to realize they’re cheering on and paying for the government to increase surveillance on them!  –  Colonel Nogov

Even minarchists Reason magazine got in on selling this solution.  Apparently, the police body cams solution couldn’t be sold to the peasants.  Rioting continued.  Reporting on police body cams stopped.  Reporting police abuse began anew.  No sale on police body cams.  Think of new solution.  Start cycle again.

What is their new solution?  It’s the time honored tactic of throwing a few low level operatives under the bus.  Once they realized the police body cams “solution” wasn’t working, police abuse reporting started up again in the mainstream.  And just as before, the reporting of police abuse has now stopped in the mainstream outlets, with the exception of some trivial reporting, and now they are indicting police personnel.  The latest narrative to appease the peasants is, “it’s just a few bad apples.  We’ll get them”.  “Most of the police force are hard working blah blah blah”.  “They’re just doing their jobs blah blah blah”.  “They’ve got tough jobs to do blah blah blah”.  “implementing new policies blah blah blah”.  The standard rhetoric.

One trivial reporting example I was referring to was the photo of the white cops holding the black man with deer antler as if he was a hunting trophy.  The officer was fired.  The reporting was done in a way to sound like the police departments are really cracking down.  Even this level of police abuse will not be tolerated.  Here’s a quote from one such article reporting on this photo.

“This is an ongoing news story, not just about one officer’s career but about how a big-city police department commits itself — to this day — to the highest professional standards.”

Are you buying into the government’s crack down on police abuse?  It’s a sales job.  Appease the peasants and then get back to business as usual.  Will it work?  Probably.  The people want to believe.  No matter how many times they are lied to, they have this need to believe that this time it will be different.