Sick individuals among us

Article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 10, 2015

I was reading an article at about former drug czar Bill Bennett.  The article is a fact filled refutation of Bill Bennett’s arguments for marijuana prohibition.  This article isn’t about marijuana, it’s about the man and others like him.

They are sick, sadists.  They delight in destroying people’s lives for their own amusement.  What other explanation can there be?  The facts aren’t on their side.  They always try to sell their brand of shit as being for the “protection of the public”.  Who are they protecting?  There is no victim.  When someone smokes marijuana, they hurt no one.

Is he protecting us from ourselves?  Thanks, but no thanks, self appointed daddy figure.  I’m capable of taking care of myself.

Is he protecting us from drug dealers?  A drug dealer can’t force me to buy and take his product.  I either will or I won’t.

Is he protecting us from the drug itself?  Marijuana is an inanimate object, it can’t force me to smoke it.

Once you take out his bullshit reason for wanting to prohibit the substance, what do you have left?  He and others like him are sick in the head.  They advocate arresting, jailing, and fining people only to satisfy their desire for power and amusement.  They don’t care about the lives they destroy.  Not only do they not care, they enjoy it.  They want to destroy people’s lives.  It’s disgusting.

The Bill Bennetts are the real criminals in the world.  They parade themselves around like the good guys, like the caring public protectors.  Don’t try to sell me that crap.  I know what you are.  Sick men and women that delight in the misery of others.  More so when you can cause the misery yourself.

So’s here to you Bill Bennett and everyone like you.  I don’t need your fucking help.  Mind your own fucking business.  Go scurry back under whatever rock you crawled out from like the cockroaches you are.