Some Perspective on Roaming Gangs

Article by Ben Doolin on Dec. 4, 2015


One of the most common knee-jerk reaction comments to the voluntary society is it’ll be total chaos, who ever has the biggest gun wins.

Of course that’s what we’re all taught to think… but how many really violent people are there?

I think a good dividing line is prison… those that are inside and those that are not.

For those that are not… they are for the most part ‘behaving’ in the face of minimal resistance… in fact… encouragement to be violent.

Police do very little to ‘fight’ violent crime. A cop’s number one goal… is to ‘go home safe’. They do not care about your safety or your property. In fact… the more violent people there are on the streets… the bigger budget they can ask for. The State tortures people in prison, then sends them directly back into society with little chance at getting a house or a job… and lots of anger… again because The State benefits from those that do become violent. Still few of those individuals are violent.

Through prohibition, The State further encourages individuals to be violent.  Prohibition pricing takes what would be an ordinary commodity (i.e. pennies per pound) and makes it worth more than gold… with those profits going only to those that are willing to break ‘the law’.

In addition to being encouraged by the state to commit violent acts… the state discourages people from preparing for their own self defense.

If you were ever going to be violent… being free in today’s society would be the best place ever to do it… still few are.

I would consider cops to be among the most dangerous… but they hide behind the facade of legitimacy. When that is stripped away… they typically behave (i.e. you don’t see most former cops… committing the same crimes that current cops do).

Consider next… those in prison.

80% are there for victimless ‘crimes’… not only are they not violent… there is no complainant.

Of the remaining 20%… less than half are violent offenders.

That works out to a ratio of 1000 to 1… ‘good guys’ to violent offenders.

From that perspective… in a society where people are responsible for their own defense (I would expect a majority to be armed) and free to hire REAL protection (per The Supreme Court, cops have no obligation to provide protection) or join collective response teams (there’s already an app for that)… how could it be possible for so few… that are so completely outgunned… to accomplish any degree of evil?