Taking a crap on fantasyland

Article by Colonel Nogov on Jun 5, 2015


Have you seen this photo.


Here’s the link if you want to read the story.  It’s not worth reading.  I’ll summarize it here before I continue on.

This photo went viral.  The marine and his bride-to-be wanted to heed tradition and not see each other before their wedding.  So they are around the corner from each other holding hands and praying, the wedding photographer snapped a photo.  How sweet?  Was it authentic or staged?  Don’t know, don’t care.  I’m so sick of this emotional propaganda bullshit.  It’s not a touching moment.  It’s fantasyland and I’m going to crap all over it.

I’m in the mood to enrage some statists today, so here goes.

I bet he kills her.  It will probably happen within a couple of years.  If he doesn’t kill her, he’ll at least beat the shit out of her.  That’s what these monsters do.  Or the other likely scenario is that he’ll knock her up and then, before to long, commit suicide leaving this bitch and her baby on welfare.

These military men are trained to be killers.  They’re trained to be violent.  It fucks up their heads.  Then, they go off to war zones and get really fucked up in the head.

This photo is pure propaganda.  It’s designed to get an emotional response out of the viewer.  It’s designed to make you have positive feelings toward the soldier.  It’s designed to make you have positive associations in your heart and mind towards soldiers in general.

How rude of me for saying nasty things like this.  Yeah, I’m the dickhead.  This guy is a mercenary of the U.S. Government.  His paycheck comes from the federal government extortion racket(you might refer to it as taxes).  He goes off to foreign lands to kill people for the sole purpose of enriching politicians and their crony corporatists by killing and stealing from other people, other nations.  You didn’t really think soldiers fight for freedom.  You’re a sucker if you buy that malarkey.  And the soldiers are chumps.  They put their lives on the line and kill people for pennies while their masters make billions without getting in harms way.

Soldiers are monsters.  If they weren’t monsters before joining the military, the government makes them so.  Just to illustrate that point, google rape in the military.  I’ll save you the trouble.  Women in the military are raped at a very high rate by their fellow male soldiers.  I’ve read figures as high as 75% of all women in the military have been raped.  So women, if you join the military expect to be raped.  Maybe that’s your fantasy, I don’t know.

The photo is a pure propaganda piece.  An attempt to humanize the monster.  One good deed or act of kindness does not change the fact of what soldiers are.  If I was a slave and my master forced me to work everyday and chained me up, but one day he gets me ice cream, I don’t say thank you master, you really are a kindhearted person.  No, he’s still a piece of shit slave owner.

So if I see propaganda of a soldier saving kittens, I’m going to crap on it.  If I see a soldier buying shoes for a homeless man, I’m going to crap on it.  If I see a soldier donating money to charity, I’m going to crap on it.  It’s propaganda and nothing more.  See through the propaganda.  We’re bombarded with so many images daily, it’s easy to let our minds go numb and not notice the propaganda when we see it.  Let your mental guard down for a moment and shit seeps in.

Until the day comes that governments stop enslaving people with their extortion and commands (AKA taxes and legislation), I’m going to shit on every one of your “beautiful” moments.  I am not going to be respectful.  I’m going to treat you statists like the pieces of shit you are.