The biggest myth running

Article by Colonel Nogov on May 19, 2015


Innocent until proven guilty.

If one is innocent until proven guilty, why do they put you in jail BEFORE a trial?

The government accuses you of committing a crime.  Whether or not they really think you committed a crime is irrelevant.  It’s another scam in the “policing for profit” business.

What happens next is that the police arrest you and take you to jail.  Here you are supposedly innocent, yet you’re in jail.  Some remain in jail for years before they get a trial.  Next you’re taken before a judge for arraignment.  During this arraignment the judge will set conditions for your release until trial which includes bail money.  Ah.  Here it is.  You or someone else has to pay them for your release even though you’re supposedly innocent.

It’s your basic kidnap and ransom.

It’s all very formal with specific procedures to “protect your rights”.  That’s just the hooey to make it seem legitimate to the peasants.  You’ve been kidnapped on allegations only and are forced to pay to be released.  Does the government always collect the payoff?  No.  Some get away without paying*.  It’s a percentage thing.  Just part of any K&R business model.

With as many “crimes” as there are created by legislation, it’s an easy racket.  Everyone is guilty of some arbitrary legislation.  Even if they’re not, it doesn’t matter.  An allegation is all that’s needed.  Just pick a guy.  Allege a crime.  Pick him up.  Collect ransom.  easy peasy one two threesy.

The rest of the peasants will just think to themselves,  “Well he must have committed a crime”.  They’ll never question whether or not the “crime” he committed was an actual crime.  If there’s legislation for it, that’s good enough for sheep man.  K&R by government goes on without public outrage.

The so called “criminal justice system” is a racket.  Some call it the criminal punishment system.  I see it as just another money making racket by the government that will occasionally catch a real criminal and lock them up.  In addition to the ransom money, criminal convictions come with monetary penalties as well.  Not as restitution to victims, but as fines paid to guess who:  the government.  It’s a racket disguised as a criminal justice system.  The peasants don’t see it that way.  They see it as legitimate and will often ask a question that’s really meant as a statement, “Well, what’s the alternative?”.

This question/statement is wholly invalid.  If you are doing something that is clearly wrong in respect to violating other’s rights, it’s not my responsibility to create an alternative.  It’s your responsibility to stop doing what you’re doing, alternative or not,  because what you are doing is wrong.



* Footnote

Some bail gets returned.  Some bail is kept.  Some bail is applied as payment towards fines imposed by the courts upon plea bargain or guilty verdict.(a simple book entry reclassification)