The Mission

The goal of this website is to help bring about the abolition of government on the planet.  That is the ultimate goal and never to be lost sight of.

I do not advocate the use of violence, at this time, to accomplish that goal.  Not because I’m a pacifist or that violence wouldn’t be justified in overthrowing the violent government institutions on this planet, I’m not and it would, but because I believe it would currently be a net negative to do so.

In order to win a war, you must have the moral high ground.  In reality, we certainly do have the moral high ground.  But the general peasantry haven’t yet acquired the mental capacity to understand that.  They are more likely to view the assassination of a police officer as a fallen hero, rather than the justified killing of an oppressor.  Freed minds understand this, peasants don’t.  This is their perception.  It has been brainwashed into them.  And for all intents and purposes their perception is reality.

*Imminent defensive violence is always justified.

Step one:
We must elevate the peasantry so that they might free their minds.

This can be accomplished with an aggressive marketing campaign that includes education, slogans, logos, and an army of salesmen to spread the message.  From Billboards to bumper stickers.  From stadiums to farmers’ markets.

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