The noble lies of the lefties

Article by Colonel Nogov on Apr. 1, 2015

What the left says sounds so good.  That’s why people fall for it.  Help the poor.  Feed the homeless.  Save the planet.  Promote equality.  Fair trade.  Living wage.  You name it.  If there appears to be a disadvantaged group, they’ll champion it.  Everyone loves an underdog.  It sounds noble, but it’s a lie.

The problem isn’t their championing of these causes, it’s the solutions they propose.  The solution is always more government.  Give these people the hammer of government and they’ll smash the freedom of others until the problem is solved.  If the problem isn’t solved with the first blow, keep smashing and smashing and smashing.  No amount of stealing from others is too much for these people.  No amount of freedom erosion is too much for these people.  Their solutions aren’t really solutions, that’s why the problems are never solved.

They only want you to see the alleged “good” they’re doing while not wanting you to see all the destruction they cause.  To put into perspective what the left actually does on a destruction to good ratio, it’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on a city of one million people, destroying everything, buildings, people, etc. and then building one tiny house in the middle of the carnage and saying, “see, look at this wonderful house we’ve built!”.  Hello!  What about all the destruction?  Oh, just ignore that part.

This is not a cost benefit analysis like critics like to claim.  It’s about committing horrible acts in the name of doing good.  This is like killing a healthy person for their organs to save another person.  Yeah, saving the person who needs an organ transplant is nice, but killing someone else to do it is just sick.  It’s not cost benefit.  It’s right and wrong!

Help the poor. Lefty solution.  Steal from others and give it them.  Does it work?  Not in thousands of years.  Maybe one more year will do the trick.  Freedom solution.  Get off their backs.  Stop creating dependency.  Stop creating damaging legislation that makes it impossible for them to compete and get ahead.

Feed the homeless.      Same as help the poor.

Save the planet. Lefty solution.  Tax this or regulate that, we don’t really know, but as long as someone is being punished for something it looks like we’re doing something and this makes us feel good about ourselves.  Freedom solution.  Get rich.  What?!  That’s the solution.  Forgive the vulgarity, but rich people don’t shit where they eat.  When people get rich as individuals or groups they set about cleaning up the environment around them.  Free markets is what makes people rich.

Promote equality. Lefty solution.  Steal from some to give to others.  Freedom solution.  Abolish government.  Government is the number one promoter, creator, generator, enabler of inequality.

Fair trade. Lefty solution.  Make trade completely unfair by disadvantaging one party to help the other party with government regulations.  Freedom solution.  Free trade.  Duh.  If neither party is coerced by an outside influence, it doesn’t get more fair than that.

Living wage. Lefty solution.  Minimum wages.  Beneficial legislation for Unions.  These things actually benefit a few while severely damaging everyone else.  Freedom solution.  Free markets.  Free markets raise the living standard for EVERYONE, not just a few.  I mean completely free and that includes the money supply.  Get governments and their cronies out of the money creation business and the entire world improves overnight.

The noble lie of the left is that they are helping people.  When in fact they are hurting people.  Not just the ones they are stealing from and regulating, but even the ones they are supposedly helping.  The welfare state keeps people down and creates dependency.  It hurts everyone.