The propaganda full court press is on

Annotation by Colonel Nogov on Apr. 1, 2015



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The propaganda full court press is on.  This article reports cops doing a good deed.  It’s a PR campaign.  A couple of months ago I reported how the MSM was reporting more police abuseIt was a daily occurrence.  Today, those police abuse reports are all but finished.  What do we get now?  Heartwarming stories of police doing good deeds.  It’s the next stage in the PR/propaganda campaign.

Think about this scenario.  A man goes home every night and beats his wife.  He also gives to a different charity every month.  Is he a good person?  Does his charitable giving redeem him from being a wife beater?  No.  The only thing that could redeem him is if he stopped beating his wife. 

Cops rob, assault, and kidnap people everyday.  One instance of a cop acting like a decent human being doesn’t redeem him.  If this story is even true.  I’ve been seeing more pro cop messages lately in the MSM.  When you see stories like this remind yourself and other what cops really are.

I began reading the comment section of this story to see what people thought.  It was sickening, nothing but cop love there.  The  sheeple are so easily manipulated.  The only thing that can redeem a cop, just like the wife beater, is if he stops being a cop.  When a cop realizes the immorality of his job and quits is the day I will praise that cop wholeheartedly.  –  Colonel Nogov