The Right To Secede

Article by Ben Doolin on Jan. 8, 2016


There has been a lot in the news recently about secession movements.  In Spain, Catalonia has repeatedly pushed for independence and it’s my expectation that they will get it, Scotland has been pushing for a long time as well.

More frequently in the news, but also a bit less likely to happen… is the constant push by Texans for secession.

I assume for most, this is at a minor point of interest… however… it might be one of the most important issues for humanity.

As Lysander Spooner points out… contracts are valid… but only for those that enter voluntarily.  A unilaterally imposed, enforceable ‘contract’ already has a name… slavery.

The Constitution… being a unilaterally imposed contract… means that it is logically invalid on it’s face.  Even if you assume that The Constitution is a valid contract and that the ‘right to govern’ is the result of ‘the consent of the governed’… then there must logically be a way to withdraw consent.  After all… any action in the absence of consent is a crime.

Even for those that did accept the ‘contract’ as valid, they still considered it to be a two way agreement.  That is to say that if one side fails to hold up their end… the contract is broken and the other party has no obligation to fulfill their end.

The result of that scenario in the US though, was the Civil War.



The South was not happy with the services being provided by the Federal Government.  What should have been an amicable ‘divorce’ turned into the murder of half a million Americans.  Murder… because there was no provision in the ‘contract’ for use of force to uphold either end… especially if one party had already failed to fulfill their end.

The civil war solidified the US Federal Government… as a ‘might makes right’ tyranny that has not seriously been challenged by secession since.

The fact that The US Government murders those that attempt to withdraw consent… is all you need to know about this group of people.

So, this is why secession is such a big deal… and the more it happens… the more likely it will be in the future.

Given the general hatred of The State (the remaining supporters tend to be very low IQ, completely uneducated or are being paid by The State) I consider it unlikely that any politician would call for military action against an entire state… should a new secession movement gain majority support.

Should a single state be successful in shedding The Federal Government… it is my expectation that a long string would follow, the same way that cannabis legalization is spreading across the nation… despite the direct opposition to Federal Law.

The ultimate result of a long string of secession… would be the final recognition of The Right To Secede… that if your representatives are not representing you, not doing what you need done, not providing quality services or are charging too much for what they do provide… that you are free to secede… all the way down to the individual.

THAT… is freedom… THAT is The Voluntary Society.