‘The State’ Is Logically False

Article by Ben Doolin on Oct. 8, 2015


“But it’s just always been that way”. In business, those are the most expensive seven words.  In the realm of ‘social order’, The State… has just always been there for everyone that’s alive today.  No one questions it because that’s just how we’ve always dealt with social and economic problems.

Of course The State WANTS you to think that… because they steal trillions of dollars and control every aspect of almost everything you do… for practically nothing in exchange… while allowing citizens NO control over policy.  So, they have taken over public education and made it mandatory.

Who would turn their children over to their enemy to be indoctrinated?  Answer: Those that haven’t figured out that The State… is the enemy (aka those that attended public school themselves).


So, what gives this small group of people ‘the right’ to take your property… and dictate every aspect of your life?

The Constitution?  Well… it could be considered to be a contract, enforceable against those that signed it… but those men are all dead.

Voting?  By what logic… does a majority change the rights of the individual?  If I can’t steal your property… and my friend Bob can’t steal your property… how could the act of Bob and I voting to take your property… make that legitimate?

In fairness… there would be no problem at all with people with a common perspective joining together for mutual benefit… and agreeing by signed contract to follow a common and enforceable set of rules.

It becomes criminal… when this group… attempts to enforce their random rules on people that do not agree.  That is simply slavery… which is what we have today.

So, if you don’t have a right… you can’t assign that right… nor can a group… of any size.

This means that Legislation is logically invalid… as there is no logical path that results in some individuals receiving ‘rights’ that no one has.

In the same way, taxation is logically invalid.

This criminal organization is not just evil but it is a completely unnecessary evil.  Protection and dispute resolution are possible in the free market (they exist today).  We do not need to enslave ourselves… for a few… easy to provide services.

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