This is the reality of the thin blue line

Article by Ben Doolin on Aug. 19, 2015


Narcissism has five distinct characteristic groups, the fifth level being sociopathy.  Most groups include a deep unconscious self hatred, an inability to ‘be real’ by attempting to present a ‘false face’ to the world, an inability to take responsibility for any wrong doing or error, grandiosity and a feeling of superiority that is so extreme that ‘the rules’ do not apply to them.

It should be no surprise that the only job on earth where the narcissist / sociopath completely ‘fits in’… is in public sector policing.

I’ve seen hundreds of videos of cops… in what clearly looks like an attempt to kill a victim that is not resisting, in restraints… or even already unconscious.  Very often when the attempted murder ends… not only does the cop not do anything to prevent death… they will often prevent others from intervening to prevent death.

This is The God Complex.

It’s a symptom of sociopathy where the individual’s pathology is so deep… that he sees himself as a god among men.  Capable of anything… including controlling life and death.

Since ‘homicide by cop’ results in charges less than 1% of the time… cops can do anything with the expectation of support from other cops (as any cops that does not support other cops will be removed from the force) regardless of the crime… including premeditated murder and child rape.

The God Complex presents as a cop, torturing a victim… then standing over the limp, immobile body… doing nothing to ease the pain & suffering they caused… or even slow oncoming death.  The implication, no doubt often verbalized… is that ‘I can do anything I want to you, I can cause any degree of pain and physical injury, I can even cause your death… and not only just stand here and watch you die… I can prevent anyone from attempting to keep you alive’.