Time to double down on the verbal warfare

Article by Colonel Nogov on Oct. 30, 2015


I’m sure everyone has heard by now.  The FBI floated some propaganda about an alleged anarchist group intending to make some trouble on Halloween.  With the name “national liberation militia”, a name so stupid it could only come from a government agent.  They’ve been watching too many hollywood movies.

What does this mean?  My initial reaction was anger.  How could they make up lies and attack us like that?  My anger quickly turned to joy as I understood what it meant.  We are making major progress.  The government is scared.

This was a specific targeted attack on “anarchists” in an attempt to discredit and try to sway public opinion back in the governments direction.  Distrust of government is at an all time high according to some surveys.  Some websites that focus mostly or entirely on cop exposure are getting one million plus uniques a month.

Assistant Attorney General John Carlin of the ‘Dept of Justice’ gave a speech two weeks ago which gave us glimpse into the mind of the beast.  It was regarding domestic terrorism.  He specifically mentions anarchy as a source of domestic terrorism.  “Anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs.”  I’d like to think that by “other despicable beliefs”, he’s referring to violent statists like himself that advocate theft and violence against the citizens of the country, but probably not.

The really telling part of the speech though is his reference to a study that revealed nationwide “law” enforcer’s number one concern is “sovereign citizens”.  I couldn’t find where the term “sovereign citizen” originated.  The best information I could find was that it was coined by the FBI as kind of a catch all for people who don’t believe a government has the right to rule them.  “Adherents to the sovereign citizen ideology believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities or law enforcement.”  Anarchists definitely fit into that description.

This is the governments number one fear according to government agents.  They claim it’s because of violence, but there is no violence from anarchists against government agents or citizens.  If there was, it would be plastered across every newspaper in the country.  All the violence against police and other government agents has come from angry and frustrated statists.  In most instances, the violence is some sort of retaliatory attack.

So the claim that it is because of violence is a lie.  I know that reason is a lie, so what’s the real reason?  I can only assume that we are winning the war of words.  Public opinion is moving in our direction.  Anarchism is growing like crazy.  Obviously, it’s still a small percentage of the population, but the government fears it enough to start a propaganda campaign against it specifically.

This is a major error in government tactics.  Going on the attack against peaceful people espousing freedom will backfire.  This will only bring more awareness, and thoughtful people will be won over.  Any false flag attempts by the government will doubly backfire.  The false flags will be discovered and people will be sickened by government.

I will be increasing the amount of anarchist content I produce.  I hope you’ll join me.