What Americans Think Is The #1 US Problem

annotation by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 12, 2015




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Are the people in the U.S. waking up?  He said hopefully.  I love this poll.  It’s also from gallup which means it’s fairly accurate.  It obviously shows “dissatisfaction with government” being number one.  Does that mean more people are becoming anarchists?  I wouldn’t go that far, but at least it’s a start.  What I really like are numbers 2 and 3.  Economy and unemployment.  If you’re a regular viewer of the Mainstream media, you’d think the economy is better than it’s been in decades.  If it’s so great, why is it the number 2 issue of concern for people in the U.S.?  Also, the official unemployment rate is at 5.5%.  That’s lower than it’s been in almost a decade.  Why do people list it as the number 3 issue?  It’s rare when unemployment gets below 5%.  So 5.5% isn’t much above the lows.  If 5.5% was a realistic number, unemployment would be a non-issue.


Could it be that the government and it’s propagandists, the mainstream media, are lying to us?  –  Colonel Nogov