What happens when statists troll anarchists?

Article by Colonel Nogov on Apr. 16, 2015

I love it when statists try to troll anarchists.  They fail miserably and spectacularly.  They always come in thinking they’re going to “educate” the anarchist and end up leaving bewildered.

What the statist doesn’t understand is that his hatred for or lack of understanding of freedom has done him in before he even started.  They’re always trying to justify why freedom should be limited.  Or they try to explain how something that is the exact opposite of freedom is actually freedom.  It’s hilarious to me.  It’s like talking to the drunk at the bar.

Anarchists aren’t arguing policy decisions like the statist is used to when trolling the left/right political sphere.  We argue principle.  We argue the superiority of freedom over control by the government.  The statist often times can’t even grasp the concept.  He’s been so thoroughly brainwashed into thinking government is the solution that his mind can only think in terms of what policy the government should pursue.

The statist wants to argue policy.  He wants to explain why his or his team’s policy is superior to the other team’s policy.  It’s always about results or half baked morality.  His results or morality oriented argument always revolves around; the government should do this to help this group or bring about these results because it’s a benefit to society.  He either refuses to accept or can’t conceive of actual morality.  Taking people’s money through taxes or licensing fees or whatever other coercive means and using that money for some supposed good is not morality.  It is immoral to take, by coercion, people’s money in the first place.  Even if the money taken immorally is used for a moral purpose, such as helping the poor, that doesn’t make the act moral.  It’s the old axiom, the ends don’t justify the means.

When the statist is confronted with the principle of freedom instead of policy, he’s lost, confused.  What does he do?  The most common response is name calling.  What else can he do?  He has no argument.  Another common response is just to deny the truth of freedom argument without coming up with a reason why.  They don’t want to believe it.  It contradicts their brainwashing, their beliefs.  These two responses are the fingers in the ears, La, La, La, defense.

After that, here come the logical fallacy responses.  Their brainwashing takes over and they begin spewing the propaganda they’ve been taught their whole life.  Such as;  Taxes are necessary.  Without government there would be chaos.  The government protects our freedom.  And many more.  I’m sure you know them all.  Some even go as far as to tell me I don’t understand what anarchy is.  The person who studies and preaches anarchy doesn’t understand anarchism?  That’s like saying the president doesn’t understand politics, or the pope doesn’t understand catholicism.

The really aggressive ones will make arguments against freedom.  These are the truly despicable statists.  They hate freedom.  They want every aspect of human life to be controlled by the government.  They, of course, want to be the ones in charge.  I was reading an article the other day at the DailyKos and the author used the phrase “freedom worshiper” in a completely derogatory context.  As if being free or advocating freedom is something horrible.  I wonder if this guy thinks direct slavery should still exist in this country.  He’s a lefty, so probably not, but his notion of freedom ends at the absolute ownership of people, I guess.  This is a seriously disturbed person.  Can he even hear himself?  Can others?  I wonder what his thoughts are on Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman.  Were they bad “freedom worshipers”?

When a statist takes on the role of troll against anarchists, he’s walked into a no win situation.  If he engages, he ends up looking like a fool.  His arguments are easily countered.  He may end up ‘the finger in the ears guy’.  He may come off as a nasty person with a hatred for freedom.  If the troll refuses to engage, I’ve won without even unsheathing my sword.  Sun Tzu would be proud.

When I argue with these guys or write articles and things, I have no delusions of convincing/converting them.  They’re trolls for a reason.  The objective is for the observers to hear the arguments.  People who want to hear arguments other than governmental policy.  People who are starting to realize the nature of government.  People who want to be free.  People who want to live their lives in peace without government controlling every aspect of it.

Anarchism is about freedom and freedom is superior in every way to government coercion.  Pragmatically, philosophically, morally.  So bring on the statist trolls!