Why I don’t bother arguing with ancoms

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 25, 2015


Whether they call themselves anarcho-communists, anarcho-socialist, anarcho-mutualists, anarcho-leftist, or anarcho-whateverists, It’s not worth my time engaging with them.

If they’re on board with ending the state, that’s enough for me.

Some time in the near future the state will end.  The natural state of anarchy will be affirmed.  Peaceful societies will flourish across the earth.  The human race as a species will have reach adulthood.   And with it, maturity.

Free markets are as natural as anarchy.  Without interference from an outside source, people will trade freely.  The division of labor is super efficient.  Some people will choose to be completely self sufficient.  If that’s what they want, go for it.  Most will specialize and trade.  It raises the standard of living for everyone.

The anarcho-whateverists will be free to set up their group ownership communities.  They’ll discover sooner or later that communes suck.  Even if these communes are completely voluntary.  What happens in these communes?  The same thing that  happens with every socialist community.  People free load.  The community is dragged into poverty.  It collapses.  This is the inevitable result of any brand of socialism.  It doesn’t matter if it’s voluntary or coercive.  Though my guess is that every voluntary commune set up will eventually become coercive unless it fails before that happens.

Private property is unavoidable.  If I’ve got an apple that I didn’t steal from anyone else and I don’t want to share it with everyone in the entire community, it’s my apple.  I’m going to eat it.  Is the community going to stop me?  How?  Violence?  Ostracism?  If it’s violence, they’re violating my rights and creating a new coercive state.  If it’s ostracism, I will simply leave and seek out a place of my own.  What happens if I find a cave to live in?  No one is living in it.  Can I claim it as my own?  Yes.  I start improving it.  I build a door.  I start landscaping the outside.  I till a couple acres around it to grow food.  I dig a pond for fish.

What happens when the nearby ancom community discovers my new home?  Do they force me to include it with their community property?  I didn’t steal the property.  I didn’t commit violence or theft against anyone.  No one was using it.  The ancom community wasn’t using it.  Now that I’m using it, do they claim it’s community property?  Once again do they commit violence against me, violating my rights?  Do they ostracize me further?  I’m fine with that.

Is my body and the product of my labor all community property?  If our bodies are community property can I just force myself sexually on anyone?  Man or woman.  There body isn’t their own property, it’s community property and I, being part of the community, have the right to use it.  What if I lock someone’s body in a basement?  I haven’t stolen anything, it was community property.

So here is comes.  If we make an exception for the body.  The body is private property, but everything else isn’t, we’ve still just established private property.  The community property was an illusion in the first place anyway.  It was private property owned by a group.  Obviously they couldn’t share every single apple with every person on the entire planet.  What about people living half way around the planet?  Does this group have the right to move in and live in their homes?  If they did it by force they would be violating the rights of those peoples bodies.

I’m going to stop there because it just gets ridiculous to think about.  Peaceful societies without governments will establish private property and private property rights.  The anarcho-whateverists will come to realize this.  I don’t bother wasting my time arguing about which flavor of anarchism is correct.  I focus my efforts on statists.