Your happiness meter is off the charts, Baby!

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 12, 2015


I’ve been seeing this image around lately.  Even on alleged anarchist sites.


What crap.  It’s a pure propaganda piece.  The way it’s written, I assume the viewer is supposed to believe Denmark should be emulated.  The government doles out free goodies and makes everyone happy.  Hooray!  Free hookers and blow for everyone.  It’s a socialist paradise!  Utopia!  They’ve finally done it!

There’s no consequences.  Nobody has to pay.  It’s just magic.

Who pays for all this “free” stuff?  Somebody pays.  There’s no magic fairies.  Obviously, the government steals(taxes) the productive sector of society to give away free stuff to and subsidize the rest.  Theft is always wrong.  It doesn’t matter if an individual does it or a gang of thieves called government does it and calls it taxes.

Happiness is about the most meaningless standard there is.  Is there a meter for that?  The happiness meter?

I’m doctor Nogov and I’ve come to check your happiness:


You know what, everybody’s happy when they get free stuff.  You know what else would make ME happy?  A free car, a free yacht, a free private jet!  Yeah baby, now we’re talking.

The recipients of the theft are, of course, happy.  They get stuff without having to work for it.  I don’t imagine the people stolen from are happy.  They work hard so no one else has to.  The more recipients of stolen loot there is, the higher that happiness meter will be.  If there’s 1 worker and 99 moochers, happiness is 99%.  Such a happy society.

Is the meme implying that Denmark has finally found the magic formula that makes socialism/communism/fascism work?  It doesn’t.  I’m not going to refute socialism/communism/fascism in this article.  It’s been refuted over and over and over and over and over.  I need a bugs bunny cartoon baseball bat to knock some sense into people.  When the productive flee or stop producing and the money runs out, the socialist utopian dream ends.  It was fun while it lasted.  Where’s our next meal?  We need a new host we can feed off of.

The socialist utopian dream always ends in hell.  Human misery, poverty, democide, revolution, famine just to name a few of the outcomes of the socialist dream.