A Warning About The Entitlement Mentality

Article by Ben Doolin on Nov. 29, 2015


By now… odds are you’ve seen the videos of the carnage.  If not, here’s an example:

While some may find the absurdity humorous… stupid people in large groups can be VERY DANGEROUS.

In this case… the ‘stupidity’ is the false logic in the ‘Entitlement Mentality’.

Absent a valid contract or prior (actual) ownership… no one is ever entitled to anyone else’s property.  Every such claims always end with a ‘might makes right’ foundation… which is logically false.

However, we live in a society where pretty much everyone accepts this perspective as valid (thank you public education for eliminating the capacity for thought).

The list includes:

All government employees
All welfare recipients (of all types)
All employees and owners of businesses that are paid by government contract
All Social Security recipients
All Medicare / Medicaid recipients

Everyone in those groups receive property that was forcibly taken from someone else… and they all think ‘that’s ok’.

The National Debt combined with unfunded liabilities has been estimated by many sources to be in excess of $200 Trillion Dollars.

That is more than the lifetime earnings of the count of tax payers multiplied by the average annual salary… which is to say that all the money ever earned by all tax payers in their entire life would not be enough to pay what has ALREADY been promised.

Add to that the fact that the entire world is on the edge of a deflationary cycle on a scale never before seen in human history… for having been funded by new ‘central bank tricks’ (i.e. quantitative easing)… and we have a catastrophic problem.

There are 146 million on some form of welfare.  There are 30 million government employees.  There are 59 million receiving Social Security.

There is a super majority in The US that will have no income and think your property… is theirs to take.

After all… the principle “it’s ok for violence to be used to take your property if it benefits me” does not change… when the violent enforcers of The State no longer exist because The State has nothing to pay them with.  It simply means that the beneficiaries will have to do the ‘collecting’ on their own.

Start with hundreds of millions of people that think they are entitled to your property… add in mass starvation… and you’re in real trouble.

You’ve been warned… prepare accordingly.