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Why did the Ancap…?

Joke by Colonel Nogov on Jun 11, 2015   Why did the ancap show up at the ancom riot? He was selling the molotov cocktails of course.  

Discussing anarchy on Facebook

Article by Colonel Nogov on Feb 12, 2015 I waded into the sewer that is: having debates on facebook.  (ooooo cringe, what were you thinking?)  I know, I know.  I was there to see if it was possible to have…

Ex-statist limerick

Limerick by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 10,2015   The ex-statist limerick Colonel Nogov once was a statist unfortunately listened to sadists the study of anarchy set his mind totally free now he frees other minds from their cages

Monday morning humor

posted by Colonel Nogov on Jan. 26,2015   Remember in the movie the wizard of oz.  The wizard couldn’t give the scarecrow brains, but could give him a diploma. Isn’t that a funny jab at academia. One can get a…