Top Ten reasons people hate Anarchists

Article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 25, 2015

Why do people hate anarchists?  I’ve compiled this short list of reasons why I think people hate anarchists.

Statists hate anarchists because:

10. Anarchists believe voluntary trade is preferable to coercion.

9.  Anarchists believe humans should not rule other humans.

8.  Anarchists believe all people should have equal rights

7.  Anarchists believe people should not be put in jail if they haven’t harmed anyone else.

6.  Anarchists believe individuals have the right to self defense by any means.

5.  Anarchists believe war to be a plague upon humanity and only governments make war.

4.  Anarchists don’t believe extortion(aka taxes) is a virtue.

3.  Anarchists don’t believe people should be tortured.

2.  Anarchists don’t believe people should be forced to serve the government.

1.  Anarchists know the answer to the number one stupidest question asked by statists.  The track record for statists asking this question is 100%.  Are you with me?  All together now.  “WHO WILL BUILD THE ROADS?”.


Ultimately, I think statists are scared to death of freedom.  The anarchist message is all positive, yet we’re  vilified for it.  The anarchist message is about freedom.  Why do people hate freedom and the message of freedom?  Statists talk about freedom all the time, I don’t think they know what it is.  Maybe they think voting is freedom.  Anyone who thinks freedom is a good thing should be an anarchist.


The word freedom is thrown around so much, you’d think everyone was an anarchist.  That’s obviously not true.   Statists, I say this to you:  I hope the day will come when you understand what freedom means.  If you think freedom and government can coexist, they cannot.  To be free is to not be ruled by a government.