You Are An Anarchist (or you are a criminal)

Article by Ben Doolin on Mar. 24, 2016


The label has baggage.  It might be one of the most propagandized labels in human history.  After all… the implication is that ‘rulers are not necessary’.

Politicians lie, cheat, steal, assault, kidnap, cage, torture and murder to gain personal wealth and power… and humans in general will do far more to avoid ‘losing’ than they will to ‘gain’.

I can understand a rejection of the label… and to be honest I’m not a fan of labels.  There is the problem of being dismissed by assigning a label to yourself that people have already ‘rejected’; ‘Oh… he’s an anarchist… no need to listen any further’.  So, I find it better to  try to avoid labels.  I believe in the scientific method, logic and reason… so anarchy is logically correct and having rulers imposed on you is logically false.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an anarchist (a minarchist perhaps)… most of your life… is lived in anarchy.  The State does not tell you what career to choose.  It doesn’t tell you who to date or marry.  It doesn’t tell you to have kids or how many.  It doesn’t tell you what hobbies you should have. It doesn’t tell you when or what to eat.  It doesn’t tell you where to live or where to vacation.

To the point, you don’t need rulers… you don’t need people to tell you what to do (backed by a death threat) EVER!

Not yet convinced?  Still want rulers?  That’s still fine.  You can pick whomever you’d like to be your ruler… and grant them any right you have.  That… is anarchy.

The problem comes in… when you attempt to impose your ruler on others.

Participating in a system… when you know the result will be an imposition of a ruler… on those that do not want to be ruled… is a criminal act.  You become a conspirator… joining with the rulers to commit the worst crimes in human history… in an ongoing, systematic, organized manner.

So, there it is.  You are an anarchist… or you… are a criminal.



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