Maybe the Danes aren’t so happy

annotation by Colonel Nogov on Jun 9, 2015


A few months back there was a meme going around about Denmark being the happiest country on earth.  Here’s the meme:


Which prompted me to write this:

and include these two memes:


Well it turns out the people in Denmark, contrary to the official propaganda, aren’t so happy.

Here is an article from Zerohedge about how ten cars were set ablaze at the Danish tax administration office.  The IRS equivalent in Denmark.  If they’re so happy there, why are they attacking the Tax Man?


Is Colonel Nogov’s fantasy coming true?  People are attacking the tax man.  It’s always been my belief that if there is no tax man, the government collapses.  Without a tax man, people stop paying taxes.  Without tax revenue, government workers stop going to work because there’s no money to pay them.  They could print money, but that would not last very long for several reasons.  Hyperinflation, people stop accepting, etc.  – Colonel Nogov