Without The State, Wouldn’t A ‘Foreign Government’ Take Over?

Article by Ben Doolin on Dec. 17, 2015


Put simply… No. The first question is… what is the motivation?  Typically, it’s to capture ‘the public purse’, public lands, control of the tax base, etc.  None of those things even exist in a free society.

But wouldn’t they come to take privately held natural resources?

Again, No. Consider the cost to purchase raw materials from a mine, an efficiently run private company, vs. a foreign government staging and executing an invasion, then trying to run a mine (governments are ALWAYS the least efficient) and having to do so while constantly being attacked by ‘insurgents’ that know that they are simply criminals attempting to steal resources.  The cost to operate would probably exceed ten times the cost of ‘just buying from the mine’.

In addition to that, you wouldn’t have a ‘placid society’.  You would have hundreds of millions of individuals that have prepared for their own protection and have worked hard to gain their freedom.  Consider the analogy of two ranches, each with 500 cows.  One rancher wants to take over the other ranch by force if necessary.  All he has to do is kill the other rancher.  Contrast that with 500 pissed off cobras ‘on the loose’… instead of cows.  They are not docile, they are not in fences, they do not produce anything of value and they all want to kill you.  If you were a rancher faced with the cobra prospect… you’d definitely have better targets to attack… and likely no other targets worse.

A further point is that no nuclear armed nation has ever been invaded.  In a free society… there would be nothing to stop State Farm from contracting with Boeing to man and maintain several ICBMs… to be launched at the capitol of any invading nation.  This would be so cheap… that State farm could offer ‘invasion coverage’ to it’s home owner’s insurance as a free benefit.

‘Old fashioned slavery’ ended in most of the world… when people recognized slavery was wrong.  It ended to never return… the exact same way that modern slavery will end.

Once people are truly free, they won’t go back.