School Sucks

Article by Ben Doolin on Nov. 11, 2016


If you’re not already familiar, I’d like to both thank Brett Veinotte and plug his web site dedicated to exposing the evil, the corruption, the abuse and the destruction of the most vulnerable… our children.

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Public sector schooling in the US is modeled after the Prussian military school model.  It brakes children up by age, which is terrible for education, as it removes peers that already understand a subject and can help those that are younger. This model also segregates by subject, with forced one hour intervals, which is terrible for students that are actually interested in a given subject.  This model teaches obedience to authority (regardless of what was demanded), and that ‘truth’ comes from authority (i.e. what comes from ‘authority’ is always true). It is designed to produce individuals that will follow orders and accept mind numbing boredom, the same life as soldiers and factory workers.



The entire public school system is based on crime: leveraging violence for the benefit of the few, at everyone’s expense.

To start with, public schools are funded through taxation, which is NOT a voluntary transaction.  You pay or you die (see Irwin Schiff, who correctly pointed out the there is no specific law making income taxes obligatory, but still died in prison for failing to follow a non-existent law). The teachers’ unions are among the most evil organizations on earth for leveraging the destruction of children for profit.  The National Association of Teachers union boss was quoted as saying: ‘I’ll care about the kids, when they start paying union dues’.

While the teachers are destroying the vulnerable for personal gain via threats of death of their parents (and even those that do not have kids), they demand absolute respect and obedience from their victims.  If they don’t get it, the children are forced to take permanently brain damaging, psychotropic drugs.

While the unions would like you to believe that you can’t teach your own kids without some form of license or certification, it is just criminals attempting to enforce a monopoly via violence.  From the HSLDA: “In fact, teacher qualification requirements have no positive correlation with even teacher performance. In the end, as the Coleman Report (U.S. Office of Education, 1964) pointed out, families are the most important factors in determining a student’s academic performance.”


What would you call a person that forces others to work all day and takes all of the ‘benefits’ of that ‘labor’, while demanding absolute obedience with the threat of violence for non-compliance?    Sounds a lot like slavery to me.  Yes, the threats of violence against children are very real.  In addition to forced drugging, teachers used to be allowed to beat children themselves.  My Jr. High shop teacher had a wall that was 8′ tall and 60′ long that was covered with the paddles he’d made and broken over the back sides of his students.  Now that teachers are not allowed to assault children, schools usually have ‘school cops’ do the dirty work.  That often turns out VERY bad with stories of beatings, taserings and even murder of children by these sadists, hitting the news regularly.



This system is so vile, that a recent trend is ‘unschooling’.  The idea is very simple, eliminate all of that evil and the child will be safer, healthier and better educated (at a minimum for not being ‘mis-educated’).

You may have noticed that I’ve not used the label ‘public education’ and that’s because there isn’t much actual education going on.  Learning requires interest and motivation.  It must be initiated by the ‘pull’ of the student, like a string… pushing it just doesn’t work well.

Quality home-schoolers know this, so they often have a very loosely structured environment that is designed to take input from the student and support their areas of interest. Children that have not been damaged by public schools are naturally excited about life, they’re curious, they want to be involved, they want to help, they want to learn.  Even for subjects that can seem difficult to teach (reading, writing, arithmetic) just ‘come up in life’.  Even playing a video game can require the student to figure out how to read and many games require math skills.  Chatting over the internet requires reading and writing.



Have you ever seen a child headed to his first day of kindergarten, new clothes, bag full of cool school supplies, eager and excited to get started with life?  Have you seen that same child at the end of the day… that spark of enthusiasm extinguished as depression sets in?

What if we could build a world where it was possible to keep that spark alive?

Imagine what education could look like if the public education had never existed, if we could start with a clean slate.  If we assume our scenario is a stateless society, the lack of political destruction of the economy would mean that a single parent could easily provide for a family, allowing one parent to focus on the children.  That scenario alone, in the ‘unschooling model’ would be an unimaginable improvement for all of humanity, but let’s consider what ‘child centered education’ could look like.

If you can put yourself back in your own shoes… on that first day of kindergarten… what would have kept that spark alive for you?

What comes to mind for me is a ‘repurposed’ sports arena.  With seating for parents or children ‘taking a break’ as well as areas sectioned off for discussions on specific topics with the entire floor area broken into ‘areas of interest’.  Imagine an entire section on electronics where the students are allowed to see how things work, take things apart, put them together and have discussions on different technologies.  There could be sections for technical training in things like wood working, information technology, metal working, automotive, construction, cooking, sales, business management, etc.  A full chemistry lab for students to conduct experiments, another section built like a wildlife park.  Animals to interact with, different environments like forest, river and ocean life interactive displays.  Physical activities, like organized sports or individual games… all in an open ‘free form’ environment where the interest of the student drives their own schedule for the day, without separating students by age in a forced structure, so more experienced students can help others with their interests.

Career tracks could be built to prepare students with the skill and knowledge they need to do specific real world jobs and prepare them to take industry standard tests, proving they know what they need to know to do the work, which is something I expect to replace diplomas as proof of knowledge where the diploma is today, often little more than a paper ‘participation certificate’.

Additional positive motivational feedback could be built into the system where accumulation of ‘valuable knowledge’ that might not be so interesting to accumulate would ‘earn points or levels’ required to earn access to ‘higher level’ activities or rewards.

There would be no need for ‘distributors of violence against children’… because it would all be voluntary.  That is, there’d be some basic health and safety rules that boil down to ‘don’t hurt people’ and ‘don’t take or break things’.  Unlike public school where you get beaten and are forced to stay longer if you irritate your slave master… failure to follow the basic rules would mean you are simply no longer allowed in.  I really don’t think that’d happen often.


Done in the free market, something like that with an annual pass might cost ten bucks a day.


Some really amazing things could be possible, if we could just get rid of the evil that is… THE STATE.