Had enough yet?*1

Article by Colonel Nogov on Jan. 19,2015

As an anarchist, I enjoy seeing corruption in government.  I’m not outraged.  I expect no less.  I see government for what it is.  Government is a criminal organization that rules and extorts the population in a geographic area.

I also enjoy pointing it out.  Here’s a recent main stream media story denouncing corruption in the prison system.  (See story here)

The headline: “Probe finds NYC jail guards hired despite arrests, gang ties”.  Statists, defend this one.  Your tax dollars are being used to pay criminals to watch other criminals that your tax dollars pay to house.

This is just another way of fleecing the unthinking masses.  The masses cry out, ‘save us from criminals’, ‘we’re scared’.  So the government brainiacs start thinking how to use these cries to fleece the people.  There just aren’t enough murderers, rapists and thieves out there, they lament, we need more criminals.  Ah ha.  We’ll invent crimes, like drug use and other victimless crimes, and then lock people up for it.  We’ll tell the people how good we’re doing at protecting them from criminals all the while taking as much of their tax money as we can get our hands on.

It’s no accident that the prison population in the U.S. is the highest in the world.  The land of the free indeed.

‘reform’, the peasants cry out.  Enter the grandstanding politician.  ‘Vote for me and I’ll reform the system.’  Legislation is passed but nothing changes.  People are fired but nothing changes.  The peasants are temporarily pacified, but the system continues on corrupt as ever.

The U.S. criminal justice system is not about justice.  It’s a racket designed to enrich the players at the expense of the unfortunate victims caught in the system.  Most of the people locked away in the prison system are there for victimless crimes.  No body was victimized.  They simply disobeyed the rulers.

“Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters said the chronic problems of violence, smuggling and bribery that plague the city jails can all be traced to the character and qualifications of the employees.”

Is this some sort of revelation to them.  When you design a system to violently cage and oppress people, you’re going to have a hard time finding good help.  No decent person would want that job.  Most people do not want to act this way towards other people.  Bad people are drawn to this environment just like they are drawn to politics.  They get to have power over other people without any consequences of those people fighting back.

Government is the root of the problem.  Anarchy is the solution.  Not reform.  Not elections.  Those things change nothing but the players.  It’s the game that’s corrupt.  When you give a group of people power over others, bad people are going to be drawn to it.  No matter how much you think, ‘if we could just get the right people…    …elected   …at the head of this department/agency   …etc., it never happens.  It never will happen.  Open your eyes to a real solution.