Gun Control Advocates are Liars

Annotation by Colonel Nogov on Oct. 6, 2015


Here’s an opinion piece sent in and published by SFgate newspaper.




*1   He’s portraying this fact out of context.  He wants you to believe 33,000 people were killed by other people every year.  This is false.  In 2013 (the latest figures), there were 14,196 murders in the U.S, total.  Only, roughly, 60% involved a gun.  So, approximately 8,500 murders were committed with guns in 2013.  A far cry from 33,000.  He’s inflated the number 4 times to sound more sensational, to make you afraid.  Where is he getting this number?  Well, he’s included suicides.  Suicides are tragic, of course, but if people are going to commit suicide, they are going to,  whether they have a gun or not.  (want more indepth?  Read Dear Anarchist*5 and  The reason a stateless society will have less crime not more and Interesting facts about murder and suicide)


*2   Oh yeah!  Let’s pull some shit out of our ass.  Let’s somehow associate guns with the horrific weapons; bombs and chemical weapons.  He doesn’t even do a good job of that.  A noose is an efficient killing machine.  You stand a guy on a platform with a trap door, put a noose around his neck, pull the trap door lever and crack, instant death.  Lethal injection is an efficient killing machine.  You strap the guy down, inject some poison into his veins and death is quick and painless.  Bombs, chemical weapons, and guns actually aren’t that efficient at killing people.  Bombs kill indiscriminately, miss their targets, don’t go off, go off at the wrong time.  Chemical weapons are hard to deliver and don’t always kill.  They cause blindness and other sicknesses.  Guns aren’t efficient unless you can put the thing within an inch of someones head.  When you use a gun to shoot people sometimes you miss, people often survive gun shot wounds.  Moronic scare tactic.  Denied. 




This is a message to gun control advocates:  You are liars.  That’s right, I’m pointing my finger at you.  You are despicable people.  Facts don’t confirm your claims, so you lie.  You spout false pretenses like it’s to prevent the senseless deaths of innocents.  More lies.  There is no correlation between a high rate of private gun ownership and a high murder or violence rate.  If you really cared about people, you’d pull your heads out of your asses and shine a light on your beloved governments.  Governments are the number one killers, mass murderers, violent offenders on the planet.  Not only that, government causes deaths in more subtle ways.  There is a direct correlation between poverty and a high murder and suicide rate.  Governments create poverty with their taxes and regulations and licenses and legislation and fiat currencies.  If you really cared about people, you’d research freedom/abolition of government/anarchism.  These are the things that could actually improve humanity, not your bullshit gun control issue.