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Article by Colonel Nogov on May 13, 2015

The land of the free, known as the U.S.A., is anything but free.  One of the major factors contributing to the totalitarian police state this country has become is the so called “war on drugs”.  I hope everyone reading this has the good sense to know that the “war on drugs” is itself a criminal act.  Obviously, the name is a misnomer.  How do you have a war on drugs?  Do the drugs fight back?  I’ve never seen a marijuana plant armed with an AK47 mowing down enforcers in defense of its life.

The “war on drugs” is a war on people.  It’s violent.  It’s oppressive.  It’s a crime against humanity.  A gang of people, who call themselves the government, has decided that they don’t like what some other people are doing.  So they’ve issued a decree:  Don’t use or be in possession of these certain drugs or we will violently attack you, cage you, steal your property.  Have I misrepresented the facts?  If so, please enlighten me in the comment section.

Here is a particularly disgusting story that is a direct effect of the “war on drugs”.  The Texas state legislature has had to write legislation to prevent police from strip searching and cavity searching people on the side of the road.  Why is such legislation necessary?  Don’t we already have the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the 4th amendment?  I guess not.  Maybe this new legislation will make all the difference though.

Imagine if you will, a man confronts you (or your wife or girlfriend or mother or daughter) and orders you to get in the back of his car, strip, and prepare to be thoroughly searched including inside your holes.  He is armed with all types of lethal and non-lethal weaponry.  If you attempt to resist he has the means and will immediately call additional members of his gang to force compliance.  This is nothing short of a violent rape.  Inserting any object into someone against their will is rape.

In the article linked above, police in Texas (though I doubt it’s isolated to Texas) were raping people on the side of the road.  The article goes on to describe that this was done without a warrant.  Well what’s the fucking difference?  So, the rapist has to call another person and get permission to commit rape.  These acts, committed by police, were done in the enforcement of “the war on drugs”.  The police, in all instances, claimed they suspected drugs on the person.

The claim of “suspecting drugs” is just an excuse.  The police in question thinks to himself, “I would like to rape this woman” so he claims, “I suspect drugs” and then proceeds to rape her.  In some of the instances, a same gender agent was called in to perform the rape.  Once again, what’s the difference.  A rape is a rape regardless of whether it’s a same gender rape or opposite gender rape.

In the article, the police who were sued by their victims received little or no punishment for their crimes.

Women, obviously, should be especially concerned about this.  There are good men and there are bad men.  Just because they become cops doesn’t magically make them good.  In fact, the ones who become cops are usually bad men.  It gives them power over people.  They like that.  If they weren’t bad before becoming cops, they often will turn bad.  Power changes people.  (see results of Stanford prison experiment for information on how power effects people)

Lots of rapes go unreported by women.  Fear and shame are usually the reasons why.  When a cop rapes a woman the reporting goes down even farther.  The fear and shame goes way up.  A cop is intimidating.  A cop has your name and address.  The brotherhood of police also protects one another.  This country has also developed a police worship.  A woman may think she won’t be believed or will be scorned by reporting a rape by a cop.  Whether it’s a roadside cavity search or an actual penis penetration by force or by manipulation, cops are raping and otherwise sexually assaulting women.  You can assume for every one that is reported there are many, many times more that aren’t.

It’s one thing that rapes happen.  The world is the world.  It’s another thing to create a system where rapes are literally guaranteed to occur.  And those rapes are nearly impossible to avoid.  And the perpetrators are rarely if ever punished.  You may think to yourself that there is a system in place within the system to prevent this kind of thing.  The system is not there to protect you.  It’s there to protect them, the ones doing the assaulting.  That’s why there is little or no punishment for the ones involved.

Can you not see the injustice?  Can you not see the criminal activity taking place disguised in the name of “law enforcement”?  Government agents are just people like you and me.  They have not been transformed into magical creatures where morality no longer applies to them.  They are assaulting people.  And they are getting away with it.  And they will continue to get away with it until the system is destroyed, abolished, eradicated, wiped off the face of the earth.

Some states allow the forcible taking of blood on the roadside.  What else will they do in the name of “law enforcement”?  It’s illegal for minors to have sex, will they start performing roadside hymen checks on girls under 18?  That ought to attract just the right kind of concerned civic minded public servant.  If you think that could never happen, I bet you thought roadside vaginal and anal probes would never happen either, but yet here they are.  And it’s happening with near impunity for the men and women committing the crimes.

So for all of you who still support the system and especially “the war on drugs”, I say pull your head out of your ass or go die.  That’s right.  If you care nothing for your fellow man, then I care nothing for you.  My sincerest hope is you die in some horrible car accident or better yet, you become a victim of the very system you support.