I don’t pray for France

Article by Cal Nogov on July 18, 2016


The Huffpo had an article the other day with all the celebrity tweets, etc. praying for Nice, France.

Do you think this makes you good people?  Does this make you feel good about yourselves?  It shouldn’t.  It’s worthless.  It does nothing.

Praying amounts to wishing, and as the old saying goes; wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

By saying that you are praying for France is worse than saying nothing at all.  You’re acting like a leader, but you yourself haven’t got a clue.  You’re essentially telling people to sit around with their thumbs up their asses praying for France, as if that is somehow going to make things better.  It may bring you and them comfort, but people don’t need to be comforted, they need to be educated.

They need to be educated on the only thing that will actually improve the world:  Freedom.  I don’t mean the U.S. flag waving rah rah bullshit.  I mean real freedom.  Anarcho-Capitalism.  Voluntaryism.  The non-aggression principle.  If you don’t know what these words mean, look them up.

Freedom is the answer.  It doesn’t come from politicians or government or socialism, it comes from the people understanding the concept of freedom.

I don’t pray for France because I don’t pray for miracles.  I write a blog educating people on freedom and promoting freedom.  This little blog that I write that reaches a few thousand people does more to improve the world than all the millions you people reach with your message of pray for France.

Until you understand this, your rhetoric is as empty as your heads.