Just how confused are you people?

Article by Cal Nogov on Mar. 14, 2016


I saw this youtube video the other day.



Here are some screen shots in case the video gets taken down.










You’re pledging allegiance to the government that just fucking murdered your friend.

I also see memes like this.


I’d like to stand with you, but you don’t even know who or what you’re fighting.

The only thing you appear is confused.

You boys need some sense knocked into you.

I’m truly sorry about your friend, but I’ve got some salty words for your wounds.

It appears you have some vague understanding and desire for freedom.  It also appears you want government.  I’ve got news for you.  You can’t have both.  You can choose to be free or you can choose to be governed.  They are polar opposites.

-But we want just a small government that only does things like protect our freedom-  I’ve got more news for you.  That option is not available.  If you choose government over freedom, government gets to make the decisions.  Sure, you can whine and complain and tell the government you don’t like what they’re doing, but the ones doing the governing get to decide your fate.

They decide how much money you must pay them(taxes).  They decide what rules you have to follow(legislation, regulations, licensing).  They even decide what punishment you will receive, including ending your life.

So us freedom loving (and understanding) anarchists would gladly stand with you, but not until you get shit straight in your head about what freedom is and if you want it.