Law vs. Legislation

Article by Colonel Nogov on Jan. 21, 2015

There are 6 different defintions for the word law according to Merriam-webster dictionary.  (See them hear) posted below.



Why so many different definitions for the same word?  I believe its evolution was intentionally guided that way to distort the meaning of the word and confuse people.  It wasn’t a conspiracy, I just think rulers in the past, be they kings or clergy, intentionally called their rules laws to associate them with the natural laws.

Look at definition 6 above.  That’s describing a natural law, such as the law of gravity.  Notice the word “invariable”.  Meaning universal.  The law of gravity is the same in North America as it is in Europe or Africa.  It doesn’t change and it can’t be broken.

Rulers wanted their subjects to think the rules they set forth were laws as described by definition 6 above.  Rules can be broken, but laws are absolute and have to be followed.  ‘Obey the law’, the ruler commands, ‘or terrible things will happen to you!’

Definitions 1 thru 5 were all created by men.  Can those laws be broken?  Sure every one of them.  These laws are mutable.  They change over time, not so with laws of nature.  The law of physics are the same today as they were thousands of years ago.  They are also universally applied.  A ruler is subject to the laws of nature the same as his subjects.  That’s usually not the case with the “laws” the rulers make.  (think obamacare and all the waivers given to privileged groups)

What’s the significance?  Why does it matter?  Words are used to control people more than force is.  If the government always had to use force to make people do as they commanded, they could not enforce anything.  The people would simply ignore the ruler’s commands.  They can’t enforce everything all the time.  It’s impossible.  But, get inside people’s heads and make them think they must obey and you rarely have to enforce your rules at all.

The word law is a powerful word in that respect.  When the government writes legislation, they call it law.  It gets in people’s heads.  They associate government “laws” with natural laws.  People feel compelled to obey.  They know they can’t break natural laws, like gravity, therefore it becomes very difficult to disobey the governments “laws” because of the association.  Even if they disagree with the government’s law, they feel they must obey.

I no longer call what the government writes down “law”.  I call it legislation.  I urge you to do the same, especially if you’re still a minarchist.  In a short time, your mind will see more clearly.  Break the association in your mind of government “law” and natural law.  There is law and there is legislation, and they are two different things.

I would love feedback on your experience when you started using the word legislation instead of “law”.  Write it in the comments.

Don’t forget to think of the police as legislation enforcers instead of law enforcers.  You start to see what their job really is.  They protect and serve alright.  It’s just a matter of whom.