Licensing is censorship

article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 24, 2015


Licensing is “sold” to the public as a way of protecting the public.  Doctors are licensed to allegedly protect you from bad doctors.  Real Estate agents are licensed to allegedly protect you from bad real estate agents.  Media companies, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, are licensed to allegedly protect you from bad media companies.  Nearly every profession now requires a license.

The real purpose of licensing is to restrict your choices, to restrict what you can and cannot see and hear.  It’s censorship without appearing to be censorship. It’s censorship disguised as protecting the public.

When a company like ABC wants to broadcast, it must apply for a license from the government.  The government can grant the license or deny the license.  The government can also revoke the license at any time.  If the company decides to operate without a license when a license is required, the government will shut the company down.

How do you think this effects the companies decisions?  Do you think it is going to produce content critical of the government?  Of course not.  It’s going to pucker up and do what the government says in order to keep its license to operate.  This is how the government censors information it doesn’t like.  This is how the government gets its pro government propaganda spread.  Control the company through licensing, control the companies content.

It’s obvious how this censorship effects media companies, but what about doctors and other professions?  Doctors must go through rigorous training.  Is it all necessary?  Maybe, maybe not.  Obviously, some training is required, but is it necessary to do the extensive amount of training they go through?  Licensing in the doctor profession has a censorship effect.  A doctor will be denied a license if he fails to conform to current dogma.  After spending years and lots of money in education and training, is that doctor going to defy the government’s medical board?  Not a chance.  Even if this doctor has radical new ideas and access to information refuting recommended medical treatments, he will be denied a license if he fails to conform, if he fails to answer tests in the way government has decreed.

The doctor has been censored by being denied a license and therefore you have now been censored from this man’s information, knowledge and skill.

Licensing also has some secondary effects.  It limits the amount of people who can practice the profession.  The cost of schooling, training, licensing keep many from even making the attempt.  Fewer practitioners means higher prices for you.  This isn’t the only thing driving up the cost of medical care, but it certainly is one of the big ones.  Fewer practitioners also means less innovation because fewer brains are collaborating.  Government restrictions and regulations also makes it very costly to innovate.  This stops people from taking the risk.

Licensing also breeds corruption.  Big money is now able to control the profession through the politicians and licensing procedures.  Drug companies and insurance companies are the biggest abusers in the medical field.  They control the narrative.  Dissenting doctors are silenced or have their licenses revoked.  No free markets or free expression here.  A few meaningless debates will be allowed to keep up appearances of freedom, but nothing beyond that.

I’ve only described media and doctor licensing, but all licensing has similar effects.

Licensing by government is control.  It controls what the public is allowed to see and hear.  It is not for your protection.  It has the oppose effect.  It harms you greatly by denying you information.  If the government doesn’t approve of someone or their ideas, their license is denied.  It is censorship.

Our savior is the internet.  So far the government hasn’t been able to regulate it in any meaningful way.  They are trying very hard to.  The freedom being practiced on the internet is destroying the government.  Not just the U.S. government, but governments all over the world.  People are communicating.  They’re waking up to what government is.  They’re freeing their minds and casting off the belief in the need for government.

Do not let the government get their hands on the internet.  I don’t care what reason they give.  They are going to try every slimy trick they know.  They’re going to play on people’s emotions about sexual predators, cyberbullying, pornography, underground drug markets, etc.  It’s all a lie.  They need to censor the internet to keep their power and control.  That is their only goal regardless of the lies spewed forth from their mouths.  Licensing is an easy sell.  Don’t buy it.