Article by Ben Doolin on May 25, 2016


I hear it almost daily.  “You have to use The System, to change ‘The System'”.  That’s understandable because just about every child has had that drummed into their head for more than a decade in public schools… and since school in the Main Stream Media.  The System controls both… do you think that The System would promote and idea that put it at risk?

Kids are told that ‘if you’re not happy… you write your representatives’ (but they don’t represent you).  They’re told that if your representatives don’t represent you… then you vote for a different person (but that person won’t represent you either).  They’re told that if you need to… you run for office yourself (but to win, you need money… to get money… you need to ‘sell out’).  Beyond that… if one ‘oddball’ did get elected… he won’t have the power to change anything.

For over 200 years, starting with the anti-federalists, continuing with the Classical Liberals and today’s Political Libertarians…  The People have been trying to ‘shrink government’.  The result is the fastest pace of government growth in human history leaving a single small group of individuals that have the violent capacity to destroy the entire world many times over and have effectively enslaved 330 million people.

There isn’t a perfect link to causality… but I’m confident that in the absence of visible ‘allowed dissent’… The State would have been abolished long ago.  I believe that if ‘these groups’ did not exist… that The System would be forced to create them… so as to create the illusion of ‘allowed dissent’ and to keep alive the false hope that change is possible.

The System though… is in absolute control.  It will remain in absolute control for as long as it is allowed to exist.  It makes the rules (often as it goes along) and can break any rule (or law) at any time without consequence.  In the 2012 campaign, Ron Paul was actually competing and promised to change The system.  The System fought back by breaking hundreds of rules and laws to prevent him from getting the nomination.

The Democrat and Republican political parties are literally, ‘private clubs’.  They make their own rules.  The Super Delegates on the Democrat side have been enough to block Sanders… even where he won by huge margins.  Trump actually did manage to shock the Republicans… an ‘outsider’ that actually won.  No doubt though, you saw all the tricks and maneuvering used in an attempt to block him.  The only reason he was ‘allowed’ to win though, is because The System felt it necessary.  They could have changed the rules at any point to block him… and there was talk about doing just that.  In the end though, Trump really is a political insider (just not the Republican’s pick) so dealing with Trump was better than losing their entire voting base for corruption so open, obvious and opposite of what their own voters wanted. You can be guaranteed though… there will be ‘rule changes’ that make it impossible in the future.

Spooner points out that defensive voting cannot be used as consent to be ruled by The System, since the voter is coerced as The System is imposed on him.  Politicians though… have no concern about the illogical (every part of politics is illogical).  They will absolutely point to the count of voters as proof that they have a mandate to rule.  It’s why politicians are always focused on getting more people to vote.  A new proposal would allow all felons to vote.  It’s the result of desperation as Obama won with less than 20% of the population voting for him. Imagine winning with less than 10%.

Another perspective is just how much ‘special interest’ exists.  Kennedy ruffled a few feathers… threatening to shut down the CIA and to return to metal backed currency.  He was killed… probably for one of those.  Politicians have enormous power and often wealth as well and will do anything to protect it.  Additionally the Federal Budget is about $4 Trillion… that goes to millions of people.  I would imagine that the cost for them to have you killed is less than a thousand dollars.  Still, if you’d like to put the ‘change it from the inside’ idea to the test… find and join the local mafia and convert it to a charity.  The mafia has almost infinity less resources and capacity for violence.  If changing The System is possible, converting the mafia should be a piece of cake.

THIS… is the minarchist’s trap.  They get to ‘this point’ and see only one solution… use The System to fix The System.  Not only is it not possible… it ensures the survival of The System.

This does not mean there is no hope.  The solution though is not to participate in The System… but to reject it.

When The People reject The System it will no longer be possible.